09 March 2014


what's it been, almost a year? I'm considering rekindling this blog (for realsies this time) and focusing on fashion, photos, art, and diys. Is the time of blogs past? Is it worth it? If you'd be interested, please please please leave me a comment. I'm really on the fence here but I know that college will be a super cool time and this summer will be fab and I might want to blog it.

26 May 2013


couple things...

  1. went to prom in a dress I got at a thrift store and painted on (pics below) and yes prom was awful of course it was it's prom okay
  2. am very very done with being in school
  3. boyfriend decided he didn't love me any more so I'm unexpectedly single
  4. number three was as big a surprise to me as it was to you
  5. ugh
...we had dinner at my house

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