12 June 2010

Former Glory: Contest!

Are you growing a bit weary of your blog's design? Do you want something fresh and absolutely you for summer, but don't want to dish out the big bucks for a custom design? Well, dear reader, you are in luck, as it just so happens that there is a quick and easy way for you to get a custom design just in time for summer.

Here's the deal. As HorseFeathers is just getting back on its feet, I'm relying on all you wonderful followers to get it back to its former glory. The goal is to get back up 100 followers (just 39 more!) in one week.
So I had this idea. I had posted a similar contest on the old HorseFeathers, and I decided, "why not do it again? It was fun, and the winner was very pleased with their prize."

Oho, you say, what's this about a prize?
Dear reader, you must be patient.

Here's how this will work. I will put names into a hat, and the name drawn out of the hat wins the prize. But you must do certain things to enter this contest.
{Keep in mind: in order to get the maximum amount of entries, you must have done all the things above. For example, you can't just post about the contest, you must also have my button and be a Follower. Make sense?}

If you....
              are a Follower of HorseFeathers, that earns you one entry. (1)
              have my blog button on your blog, that earns you another entry. (2)
              post about the contest/blog asking people to Follow, that earns you another entry. (3) Please: if you do this, tell people to say in their comment that you referred them {see below}. Also feel free to snag the banner at the end of the post.

If you...
             posted about my return before this contest was posted, that earns you one extra entry.
             have been identified as a referrer, that earns you one entry per person referred.

Please comment to tell me which things you have done (ex: "I followed, posted a button, posted about the contest, and posted about your return") so I can be sure to enter you accordingly.
Of course, your chances of being picked increase significantly with the increase of entries.

By now you are probably wondering why you should go to all this trouble. Hmm... because you love me? :D
Just kidding. As you might have guessed, the prize for being the winner of the drawing is a full, custom blog makeover and installation. That's a $35 value, and you get it for free!

{As a side note: As the majority of people wanted Robin Blogs back, that is my monthlong project. Don't worry — it will be up-and-running very soon.}

So what are you waiting for? Go! You only have one week. On Saturday morning, June 19, I will draw the winner out of a hat and post the results for all to see.
Good luck everyone!


  1. Cool! Let's see:

    I follow,

    The button is on my 'best blogs' page

    I posted about the contest in my latest post

    And I posted about your return before this contest.

  2. Alright, I'm going to enter!

    I follow.
    I have your button on my blog (Well, it's not a button so much as a link, but is that ok?)
    I'm going to post about the contest.
    I posted about your return.
    The Cornet Crazie referred me.

    Thanks, and I do hope Horse Feathers gets back its "Former Glory"!


  3. Awesome! :)

    I am a follower

    I have your blog button on my blog, plus the former glory one

    I have posted about the contest

    I posted about your return before this contest

  4. I follow

    Posted about Horsefeathers

    Posted about your contest

    Put you button in my sidebar

  5. OK! Here we go...

    1. I follow!
    2. Your button is on my blog {Personalised}
    3. I posted about this on {Personalised}
    4. I posted about your return before this!

  6. WOO! Tough competition!!!!
    1. I have followed.
    2. Your button is on my site Eloquent Writing.
    3.I posted about Former Glory.

    Lets see what happens!! :)

  7. Ooooh! I hope I win!

    I follow your blog.
    I have your button.
    And I posted about your contest!

    I was going to post about your return before this, but I never got around to it. Oh well.

    Cool contest!

  8. Cool contest! Though I don't know if I'm going to enter, cause I like all my blogs the way they are now. :) Well, good luck to everyone! (I'll still post about it, I just won't enter.)

  9. I follow
    I posted about the contest
    I couldn't post about your return. I tried, but I couldn't. :(
    Your link is on my blog!

  10. Hmm... I never win anything. Let's see...
    1. I have followed
    2. You button is on my Frostclan blog
    3. I posted on Frostclan about Former Glory.

    Thanks Olive Tree!

  11. Cool! :)


    --Follow Horse Feathers

    --Have your blog button on my sidebar

    --Posted about your contest

  12. Hi Olive Tree,

    I just have a quick question. I just received a makeover for both of my blogs. I would still like to enter so the word can get around about your return. If I win, is it OK for me to hand over the makeover to a friend? :)


  13. Alexandra, that is completely fine. I probably should have said that before: everyone, if you win but like your blogs already, you can either save the makeover for later or gift it to a friend.

  14. I'd love to enter! Wildlife Angels needs a good makeover and you're just the person to do it Olive!

    Okay, here's my info:

    I posted your button on SunClan.
    I posted about the contest on SunClan.
    I am a follower of your blog.
    (Sadly I didn't have time to post of your return, but in my new post I did. I know it doesn't count but I just thought you should know)

    Okay, I hope I win! But still, good luck to the rest of you.

  15. Did all 3


    Have blog button on sidebar

    Posted about contest!

  16. Nice!



    Have A blog Button

    Posted about the Contest

    Posted about HorseFeathers (before contest)

  17. Ooh! Sweet! I'd love to enter! I am following your blog (duh)! ;D

  18. Oh, and Izori @ Evening Stars sent me over here. :)

  19. Your button is on my blog! :D

  20. I Follow
    I Have Your Blog Button On http://scarheartswarriorsblog.blogspot.com/
    I Posted About This On http://yourlifeyoursummer.blogspot.com/
    I Posted About Your Return Before The Contest On http://yourlifeyoursummer.blogspot.com/

    That gives me 4, right? Thanks!

  21. Sweet! I'm in!

    I follow you
    I have your button on my blog

    and I shall post about it as well:).


    P.S. if i won, i'd want the makeover for my photography blog, not my regular blog. just to let ya know:)

  22. Oh, plus I have the banner on my blog^_^

  23. 5. Oh yes! I also posted about Former Glory. Check out {Personalised}!

  24. you already said that, Swirly Girl :P lol

  25. I am a follower

    I have your blog button on my post, and the banner also.

    I will post about it also!

  26. I followed, posted a button, and posted about the contest!

    In Christ

  27. And I posted it about! Oh, and I did hear about the contest from The Golden Eagle and The Cornet Crazie (i think...) but I'm not sure if you could say they referred me:).

  28. *waves* so great to see you back! I missed you!

  29. Thanks Louise! It's nice to be back.

  30. I'm so pleased to be able to help you out with this.

    Let's start with stating the obvious, shall we? *smiles*

    I follow HorseFeathers

    I recently put your new button up on my blog.

    I posted about your Former Glory project and asked people to follow.
    Here is the link to the post: http://insidecassiesmind.blogspot.com/2010/06/of-horsefeathers.html

    I posted about your return prior to this contest.

    Love you, girl!


    Your friend,

  31. Cute idea! I'll enter in a little bit. Had a question. You know that goldfish that you put on my header? Where did you get that? Help? Thanks! ;)

  32. HayHay: Um, I'm not sure to be honest. I didn't keep it.

  33. Lol, it's okay. I'll have to keep searching. Thanks anyway!

  34. I follow and have your button on my sidebar! :)

  35. are a Follower of HorseFeathers, that earns you one entry. (1)
    have my blog button on your blog, that earns you another entry. (2)
    post about the contest/blog asking people to Follow, that earns you another entry. (3)
    I did all three!!! Thanks!!!!!!

  36. I follow

    Have both buttons on My blog.

    Posted about the contest

  37. I've done 2 and a half because I haven't said anything about the contest but have posted about your return. :)

  38. Hmm.

    I am following you.
    And I have your button on my blog.

    Queen Lucy

  39. I follow you.
    I have your blog button on my blog.
    I posted about it on my blog.
    I posted about your return.

    Yay! :) Excited to see who wins!


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