07 June 2010

Tutorial: Make Your Own Template

Guess what exciting new feature Blogger In Draft is offering? That's right! A quick and easy way to customize your blog like never before. (Of course, I stick to hand-designing, but for the short of time this is invaluable.)

First of all, you'll need to go here: http://draft.blogger.com/home

Now, click "Design".

Click "Template Designer".

Choose from one of many templates.

Pick your colors...

Or even your image!

Choose a layout (I had to do this by hand {to get the followers gadget spanning the others} and boy is it hard!)....

And go crazy with fonts and colors!

When you're finished, click "apply to blog" and enjoy!

PS: I strongly recommend you continue to support designers who craft templates by hand. Those designs are more original and, I must say, prettier.


  1. Ah! THIS IS SO COOL OLIVE!... How is it that you are better with computers and I'm the one who is going to work around them my whole life and I know less than you {oh but I'm learning! *evil grin here* Have you seen my blog? It took me FOREVER - emphasis on EVER - to get it that way but I did it ALL BY MYSELF! Ah! Maybe I DO have a future with my techlovies after all!}? Heehee. Have a nice day. ^3^

  2. Thank you for posting this! I am SO not techie, and this helps a lot.

  3. desing by hand? like a me? *grins* Yeah, I just found out about Blogger in draft!! i love their new preview button!! :)

    ~Awel P.

  4. Awel — Like you, like me, like Louise @ Adori... yes. :)

  5. It's true that handmade templates that are personalized and designed by a person not a computer are prettier, but it's easier to change on B-In-D. (That's what I call it, anyways. :P)

  6. Thanks for posting this, Olive!

  7. That's really cool! I will have to try that sometime!


  8. It doesn't give me those options :-/

  9. Awesome!!! My bland-looking blog might not be as bland anymore.

  10. I did the template! Though I never download templates because... well... usually they aren't any good. Most of the time it shows all posts on one page or it doesn't let you do this or that or it messes up *takes deep breath* And it's much easier to do it this way (and can look nicer).



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