14 July 2010

Everything Connected

You're meandering down a path. Sometimes the path is flat and paved with cement, and skyscrapers tower on either side. Sometimes it goes into a lush forest. Sometimes it brings you through a muddy swamp and your legs get covered in leeches. Sometimes you step in cow dung. Sometimes it's rocky and painful.

I'm sure this metaphor is familiar to the degree of a cliché — the path you're on is your life.

Remember in this post, how I said I'd be doing a lot of reflection this summer? That was no lie... I've taken to thinking about things deeply right before I fall asleep and directly after I wake up (that is, unless I can remember a strange/vivid dream, in which case I write that down first).

Anyway... as I was thinking last night, I couldn't tear myself away from the bad elements of my life. At that moment, I couldn't see God's grace shining into my life.
And that was terrifying.

I fell asleep after *lots* of prayer and had some crazy dream that made me wake up with a strange sense of calm.

Suddenly, everything clicked.

I'd been told — and have read — that everything, even the bad things, are part of God's plan. But I suppose I had to realize that for myself, just like you can't be simply told to ride a bicycle, you have to skin your knees a few times yourself before you understand.

Everything is connected. The bad and the good. The predator and the prey. The rain and the sun. All of that is part of a master plan that will eventually make everything all right.

Somehow God had showed me this in my subconscious dream, and I only realized it when I woke up.

So remember that path? Just keep going on it. Even if you fall. Because everything is connected to serve some greater good, and God is at your side through good times and bad.


  1. THis is great-when thing click and connect its..an indescribable feeling.


  2. I love this post, Olive. It makes me think more about life and just how beautiful it is, but also not to worry, because everything will turn out OK.

    Swirly Girlxxx

  3. This is such an awesome post! I love the path metaphor. It also got the song 'The Circle Of Life' from THE LION KING stuck in my head. Thanks :)

  4. Sweet friend, God Bless you! Beautiful post--love you! <3

  5. Wow Olive Tree. That was a fantastic post, I love your metaphor, and the picture fits if perfectly! I understand what you mean. It was very interesting, thanks for writing this, it really makes you think.


  6. I've had subconscious dreams like that (accept I don't think they're from god). I actually figured everything is connected long ago, but sometimes I just need to think of it again.

    ~*Brooke Grazie*~ (Sunstar)

  7. Thank you soooo much for posting this, Olive Tree. As you know, I've been having a pretty hard time lately staying on that road. I've been second-guessing God's plan for me a lot lately. I've just come to realize that second-guessing His plan is actually part of His plan, and everything will work out fine. Thanks again!


  8. Amazing amazing amazing! I definitely think everything is a part of God's plan, it's nice knowing someone has a plan when I sure don't.

  9. Oh, wait. What was your first novel called?

  10. That's nice. And a good picture.

  11. So true. God brings hard things into our lives to test us. And they are all meant for good.

    Queen Lucy

  12. I agree! It's so true , all things DO work together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose. :)

    So, I can't help but be curious, since you said you recently discovered the power of God. Does that mean you're a born-again Christian now?

  13. I know what you mean. I had heard and said to myself a lot of times that "everything works together for good" but it never really hit me, the fullness of it was never realized till I read this:

    "God’s will is exactly what we would choose, if we knew what God knows."—Author Unknown

    That blew me away...the fact that if I knew everything God knew I would still choose the pain God has sent me? That I would see how that pain is such a blessing? It's flabbergasting (is that spelt right? *looks suspiciously at the word* I don'ta thinka so). Anyways...yes I know what you mean about really "realizing" the truth of that statement.

    Awel P.

  14. What a wonderful post, Olive Tree! I loved the metaphor! I also loved that Bible verse! Whenever I feel like I can't do something, or I might not be able to accomplish one of my goals, this is the verse I always think of:

    "I can do all things in him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13

    What do you think of that verse?

  15. Oh, I love that verse! Have you ever heard the song based off of it?
    You may not know, but I have been praying for you for about a year (maybe more),that our mighty God would reveal Himself to you, and He has!

    I have been really thinking about how God DOES use good and bad for His good and ours, and it is ALL part of His glorious plan.

    I love your blog, especially the photography.

    In Christ,

    P.S You used to follow my blog. (I'm a friend of Cassie.)


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