16 July 2010

Tiny Life

Babies amaze me.
It doesn't matter if they're human babies or animal babies... the idea of life in such a miniature thing is incredible.
And let's face it... babies of all shapes and sizes are incredibly cute.
So! Here are three baby pictures of different species.

This is Sigrid, my little Norwegian baby girl cousin. Her eyes are amazing.

Here's Willa, my cat (as a kitten) in mid-yawn. She sleeps in odd positions like this all the time... I woke up this morning to find her half under my covers, with her upper body stretched out, front legs all long and floppy, across my arm. Fast asleep.

And last but not least, a Buff Orpington chick. This chick is now big, fat, and covered in beautiful golden feathers. Her name is Hildegarde. (Or perhaps that's Helga... I really can't tell the difference.)

What adorable baby pictures do YOU have? If you want to share, leave a link in your comment. :)

As a side note: Two incredibly exciting things happened in Etsy-world today. First of all, this photo was featured on the front page - happiness!
Also (*squeals*) I am happy to announce that ALL prints in the shop have been cut down to $20 or lower! Go check it out!


  1. Congratulations! That is exciting :). And Sigrid's eyes ARE amazing. I'll think about the baby pictures, it might take some serious digging...

  2. They are all so cute. especially your cousin! :)


  3. What amazing photos! I don't have any baby-like creatures to take photos of *sigh* I never have actually, but hey-I might this Christmas!


  4. fantastically cute pictures!! ^_^


  5. Hey! Nice pictures! I LOVE the cat one!!! Ha ha! I don't have any baby pics. I may post one on Diggity as a puppy actually! he's in the middle of a yawn! HA ha! He was so cute as a puppy! And now he's a handsome hunk of dawg! To bad I don't have pics of Snapshot as a puppy. Only one or two. And it's the whole litter of them with PART of snapshot.

  6. *GASP!* $20 OR LOWER!?!??! *SQUEALS* YES! OH YEAH! I'M GOING SHOPPING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love babies too! I have a four-year-old brother, so I have quite a good experience :)

  8. I don't have any baby pictures right now....

    But I love yours!!!

  9. You have such a cute cousin! I love the animal pictures too. :)

  10. Awww... what a sweet post! I loved it. :)

  11. Amazing!! I love the baby's eyes, the kitten's yawn, and the chick. You're very talented, Olive Tree.

  12. Such beautiful shots...babies of any species are just precious.

  13. Aww...they're so cute! Congrats of the pic! :)

  14. I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers but none of us are babies any more... :(

  15. Outstanding cuteness! Your baby cousin is too adorable to resist--her eyes are really vivid. ^^

    Great action shot of Willa; Very precious as well! :)

    Would you mind squeezing a photo of Helga in a post as of how she currently looks? It would be very interesting to compare the 'before and after.'
    Babies grow so fast!

    *Congrats to your photo being featured on the front page...how exciting!*


  16. Wow, your baby cousin's eyes are beautiful! The picture of your cat yawning made me smile :) And that little chick is just cute..

    Great post. Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos.. simply precious!

  17. I LOVE Willa. Such a pretty kitty. :D

    Nerd Glasses Are Epic,


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