02 October 2010

Fourteen Years

Okay, are y'all ready for an incredibly intense and hilarious stream of photos and videos?

From last night...
I dressed everyone up and added cool effects in Photoshop for a very unique party favor.
From left to right: Delaney (Milo's Lane), Sally (Cornet Crazie), Maya, and Sam.
Heehee... Zombie Sally á la Picnik.

From today... (note: most are watermarked, but the ones with me in them were taken by Delaney.)
I have this tradition where I have a piñata at my bdays every year. Well this year I told my mom to pick out a really cool one. So she came home all excited and said, "Look, I got you a bumblebee on drugs!" It was incredibly amazing and fun to smash.
My dad put its head on the fence as a "warning" (yeah okay Dad) but I moved it to the "Slow for Children" sign.
At this point, Sam had to leave, and Maya was unable to stay the night so it was just me, Delaney, and Sally. I love this pic of them. <3
Sally is a treehugger.
Awww. :) {pic by Delaney}
Spy Sally. (There's this creepy old house that may or may not have someone living in it, but the yard and scary, supposedly-dead-body-containing garage are amazing for taking pictures. So we were sneaky...) {pic by Delaney}
Heyyy Laney.
Amazing old chairs at Creepy House.

The scary garage.
Me: "I sooo wanna go in..." Sally: "I think I see a casket!" Delaney: "That would be a bathtub."
Me and Sally: "Shuttup, it's a casket, okay?!" {pic by Delaney}
Delaney's pretty leaf.
I climb Ginormous Rock.
Delaney climbs Ginormous Rock.
This photo shoot was interrupted several times by passing cars with annoyed drivers. 'S okay though, it was fun. :)

So! It was an amazingly fun and kooky party. My grandmother's coming to take me shopping in a bit and tonight is our family dinner. (My birthday is really today, I just had the party last night/this morning because of scheduling.)



  1. It was amazing!!! Haha.

    Druggie bumblebee <3


  2. looks like you had and AMAZING party! :) Great pics!

  3. Looks like fun! Especially the druggie bumblebee...

  4. Fun photos! It looks like a fabulous party--so glad you all had fun! :)

    Elizabeth Rose

  5. haha, looks like a lot fun! I literally started cracking up when I read about the druggie bumblebee. HAHA!

  6. Haha that druggie bumble bee was amazing!! :)

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :) p.s I have been following for a longgg time {ok not that long} but i love your blog. :D

  8. Looks like you had a lot of fun :) Happy Birthday!

  9. Looks like fun!! I love the pictures taken on the Ginormous Rock, and also the ones against the garage.

  10. Oh, yeah. From the pictures it looks amazingly fun!!

  11. Happy Birthday!

    Those pictures are absolutely awesome!

  12. Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday to you,Happy Birthday Olive Tree Happy Birthday to YOU!!!!!!!! :):):D:D:D

  13. That looks great! Looks like you had a blast! Awesome pics, very fun to look at.....

  14. LOL! Looks like you had fun :) I almost passed out on the floor watching that video. I have never laughed so hard.

  15. Happy Birthday, Olive, dear! Looks like a fabulous party...I adore that last collage. Love ya!

  16. Happy Birthday! 14 is an awesome age! :)

  17. Ooh, sounds like fun! I love that last set of pictures--really awesome coloring. Also, I had no idea you knew Cornet Crazie in person! That's kind of cool. :)


  18. Aw, you're so cute! Can'te believe you're only 14! :)

  19. I bet that was the casket in the garage!

    Lol happy birthday Olive!

  20. Wonderful! Glad you had a great birthday!

  21. Bree- Yep! Me and Elránia and Olive Tree are all very good friends in real life :)

  22. hey! by birthday party was
    oct. 1 too!!!!!!!

  23. Happy, happy birthday Olive Tree! We're only about a week apart...
    Your party looks like it was a blast!

    Sorry this is late, but I just got back from Paris and didn't have my laptop with me :)

  24. Happy birthday! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. :)

  25. Awesome photos! I am new to your blog and I love the fun-ness captured in these :)



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