15 October 2010

'Twas a Dark and Stormy Schoolday

Oh my goodness... did someone say "wet and stormy"?

This is crazy, people, literally crazy... ready for my bizarre school-day story?

Okay, so today was messed up anyway — we were going to have this huge pep rally for the latter part of the day, so all our classes were half the time they usually are (yay).

And then IT happened...

Halfway through my Spanish class there was this insane blue-and-red light and a shower of sparks from a nearby telephone pole (hidden in trees). Then the lights in the school flickered once, twice, three times... and died.

Our backup generator wasn't strong enough to repower all the lights in the school, so we were ordered to stay in our classes. This we did... for about an hour and a half. Everyone was freaking out in an oh-isn't-this-so-cool kind of way.

Then it was announced that we could go to lunch... so we did, and it was very creepy. There were just a few high-power lights set low to the ground, so one end of the cafeteria was dark and the other had weird flickering shadows all across the walls. I wish I had my camera so I could show you guys; someone swore there was blood on the floor. (I think it was probably just ketchup, but who knows?)

Finally, the power came back on. (Everyone was quite disappointed!) Yet mere minutes afterward, the intercom came on and announced that everyone could leave. This was three hours before our regular release time, so naturally there was great celebration!

So unfortunately we did not have our pep rally. So sad! We had a hypnotist that was going to come, streamers all over the place, a paper for the football team to run through, the cheerleaders had an amazing dance... all for nothing. Ah well. Our homecoming dance (for some reason called the "Harvest Ball" is tomorrow night and the whole school was buzzing about dresses and dates; I'm going solo (so far) but getting ready at a friends'. It goes until 11pm so I doubt I shall be able to post about it until Sunday, but it ought to be fun! My dress is ah-mazing.

The storm has died down now, but it was seriously scary before. People kept making jokes about the school being lifted up and carried to Oz, that's how insane the wind and driving rain were!

This day has probably been the most surreal I can recall regarding school... it will be the talk of the school for many months to come!

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  1. Goodness! What a storm =( I'm sorry about the missed pep rally. It sounded such fun.

    Swirly xx

  2. Wow! That must have been some storm! We don't have many in KY! Also, please remember to take pictures of your dress and other homecoming stuff, because we all want to see! Right people?

  3. LUCKY! There was a storm near my school a few days ago. It was really strong but (unfortunately) the power didn't go out :)

  4. Sounds like fun. Sorry I missed it. I had a doctors appt. Bummer. :) Hahaha PS. A lot of people like the layout for Once Upon A Dandelion. Thanks so much! And I gave you as much credit as possible, as usual. :P

  5. That must have been one powerful storm! You are lucky--even if we lose power, my schoolbooks are still ready for me since I'm homeschooled. :P

  6. Olive Tree,

    I love all of your posts! And I am loving your style and taste. Would it be possible for there to be more Beautiful... posts and videos? I love those! Maybe like, Tour my Wardrobe or something(does that sound weird...I didn't mean for it to sound weird if it did...)because I would love to see your incredible clothes. Maybe you could even set them out as outfits as to how you would wear them.

    It's just an idea!

    Keep the ideas coming. :-)


  7. Hello Olive Tree! Do your PS actions work only with Photoshop, or do they work with Photoshop elements as well?

  8. I thought the power outage was kinda fun. :)


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