10 November 2010

Florida? Why, Yes!

Tomorrow, quite early in the morning, I'm off to Florida. Florida! Where it will be 80º and sunny — not like the 40º and rainy here in New England. Blech.

I'll try to give y'all some updates when I get there, but for now I must try to cram in today's required word count for NaNo before dinner.



  1. Awesome! That'd be funny if I met you here. LOL! :D

  2. Hey, I hope you have a great trip =)

    Take lots of pictures to show us all!!


  3. Florida? Hey thats were I dwell! :) Have fun while your down here. I didnt know your in New England. I thought you lived in Maine.. oh well I was wrong. ;)

  4. I'm going to Fl after Thanksgiving! It will be nice to get out of this weather won't it!

  5. Let me just say that it is very warm in Florida right now.

  6. Nice! I have to ask though, what part of FL are you going to be in? I actually live in FL (northeast) and it's really cold here right now. It's about 45 degrees right now. I don't now if that's just cold for Floridians, or not. Anyway... just wondering! Have a lovely trip! :)

  7. Yay! Florida! You'll love it - it's AWESOME. ;)

    Be sure to take plenty of pictures!

  8. AH soo jealous I H8 cold weather LUCKY U :D

  9. Have fun! I wish I could spend every winter in Florida. :)

  10. Hello there! I am new to your blog and can I say first off that you are beautiful?! I saw your profile picture and was thinking "Oh my goodness, she is just gorgeous!"

    Secondly, I love your blog. Your posts are very nicely written and the design of it is very appealing to the eye.

    Lastly, I hope that you have a fun time in Florida! Here in North Carolina, we are still getting 69 and 70 degree weather.

    Happy Blogging and have fun! =)

  11. Hope you have lots of fun and enjoy all the sun! :)

  12. Mia: We went to the West coast, Tampa area. :)
    Katie Krinklberry: Maine is in New England, LOL. New England is a general area including Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and so on.

    And I have many pictures... expect a long post today!


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