01 November 2010

Halloween and Hurried Words

So for Halloween, I had my friends Cornet Crazie and Sammy T over. We got ready and carved pumpkins.

Cornet had never had the wonderful experience of scooping out the pumpkin innards before, so we enlightened her.

I think she had fun.

Clockwise from top to bottom (middle ones left to right): Cornet, my mom's, mine (named Frederick Of The Large Eyes), and my mom's scary one.

Go Frederick!

Our costumes were amazing... I did Cornet's costume last minute. That's a twin bedsheet she's wearing. I have skills with sheets.

We thought that we ought to go trick-or-treating one last year, so we did. And it was FREEZING! But we got more candy than could ever be imagined, so it was worth it. Kinda.

Below is some dot candy I made and handed out. It is/was delish.

And finally...
N a N o W r i M o   h a s   b e g u n !
Are you guys pumped or what? I'm way ahead of my word count — I'm steam-rollin' this baby! Check my count in the sidebar. Excuse me, I'm going to go write some more now.

Olive Tree


  1. Go Olive Tree! :) Write like the wind!

    Your costumes are cool - I like Cleopatra best I think :)

  2. Nice pumpkins! Your mom's scary one is certainly very frightening. :)

    YES! NaNo is here! Congrats on your word count; I am but a few hundred ahead and am having a blast.

  3. Go Olive Tree! Love your costumes, too. They're all so creative.
    You're too pretty!

  4. Awesome costumes. I can't believe you made Cornet's last minute. That is so awesome. The pumpkins are great too!

    Good job on your word count. Don't you love being ahead? Last year was so stressful because I didn't start until the fourteenth and had to scramble to get it done in time. I made it . . . barely. This year I think will be a breeze. :)


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