03 November 2010

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes...

... saying ay-o
Gotta let go.
-Taio Cruz, Dynamite
Milo's Lane posted these pics from September... I had forgotten all about this little photo shoot! We used PhotoBooth and Laney's laptop camera to take a series of... well... interesting pics.

This is what happens...

...after a long hard school day...

...and after an alarmingly large amount of junk food has been consumed...

...when you get me and Milo's Lane together...

...in front of a camera...

...well, the results...

...are a little disturbing.

I think that on Blogger, a lot of people see me as being very poised and matter-of-fact.
There's a reason I don't usually post pictures like this.
Like, ever.

I think NaNoWriMo must be breaking down my mind (4,000+ words as of November 2, though, woohoo!) for me allow a post like this.


That's just me. With friends. Being crazy. Taio Cruz, as big an ego as he may have, is right. Sometimes you just gotta throw your hands up in the air and let go.

Let go of your fears.
Let go of embarrassment.
Let go of regular life and be a little wacky.
Just be your crazy self and let the whole world see it.

And thus comes to light the OTHER SIDE OF OLIVE TREE (™). The one who puts ™ after random words. The one who squinches up her face in unattractive ways. The one who wears sweatpants all day with yesterday's mascara smeared under her eyes and just doesn't care. The one who is decidedly not poised, the one who makes mistakes, the one who can be rather unladylike. The Olive Tree that I usually don't let show through at school or on Blogger.

This doesn't mean that I'm not the calmly reassured person in my 'normal' photos. No, no — for most of the day, that's me.

But once in a while...

Look out, world.


  1. I feel like you do, Olive Tree! On blogger, I'm a lot less crazy than I am with my friends. I say random words and phrases (peanut butter jelly time, banana phone, butterscotch muffins, macaroni sculpture, etc) for no particular reason. I pretend to be scared of an alien attack, then all of my friends join in. You know... maybe I need to show that in my writing more often...

  2. What a inspiring post! Yes, I think you're right. Sometimes, you've got to just be *you* and let go.

    SG x

  3. Very true, it's so much easier (for me) to just let go and be myself. I used to be so scared of what people would think of me... Now, I skip around the grocery store like a five year old. Haha! :)

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  5. Love the post. I totally get what you're saying! :)

  6. I love your posts, Olive Tree. You've really inspired me to write and take more photos. Keep doing what your doing, you're amazing!


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