27 December 2010


I was psyched to try out my new camcorder. After a few technical difficulties, I now bring to you...


Beware: Many Captain Obvious moments above. Such as "snow is cold." Sigh.
Also, no chickens were harmed in the making of this video. :)
I really despise iMovie '06. Really. It's a bad program. I apologize for the editing quality of this video.
Note to self: improve home video skills. Eep.

It happened last night. Howling wind, lots of snow (though not the 18" predicted... sigh). There's something very thrilling about the first big winter storm. It reminds you what it feels like to be alive. (I know, that's very trite. But it's true!)

Random Fact About Olivia #7823: She likes to earn her stuff. I love the little camcorder and it's totally awesome and useful (thanks Santa *ahem*mom&dad*ahem*), but it feels more special to use my camera that I saved for and bought with my own hard cash. My parents always taught me that if I wanted something I had to save for it and earn it. I used to resent that they didn't fork over the big bucks like my friends' parents, but now I'm starting to see their point. It's much more satisfying to earn it yourself. Weird life lesson realized in the middle of a blizzard.

Today I made my mom suit up in her boots and coat and frog-marched her outside for a photoshoot. (Okay, maybe I didn't frog-march her. But I peer-pressured her.)
Teaser: These pics represent the new look coming to HorseFeathers on January 1. *insert evil laughter here*

This is quite possibly the best photo of me ever taken. The white in my hair is SNOW, by the
way. Not that weird flakey stuff they make shampoo for... what is that called again?
Vintage camera fun
I look so serious... Hmm. But my eyes look kind of wolfish... just thought I'd post some wolfiness.
Wow, I really need some coffee. That made little to no sense. I'm sorry.
Can I justify this extreme oddness/comment on pop culture by saying it was very windy?
I've updated the About Me page, by the way. Should you care to check it out.

For some reason all the backyard birds seem to love coming to the feeder in the driving snow. Crazy birds. But I'm not complaining, it gave me a pretty backdrop and rather nice photos. I especially love the cardinal. Noticing a color scheme here? White on red on brown-black on grey. Favorite color scheme ever.

I now leave you, o readers, for I must go eat my dinner. Have a lovely night... er... evening... er... whatever it is when you read this.


  1. Ooh, snow! We have absolutely none where I live, and I am longing for some. By the way, I've never heard your voice before. It's lovely- and it somehow suits you perfectly. If that made any sense. I love the photos of you - red against crisp white snow is just so - epic. (Sorry, that's my new favorite word.)

    Could you pretty please send some of that 8 inches over my way? Please?

    In Christ,
    Queen Lucy

  2. wow, great photos! I think the flaky stuff is called dandruff...

  3. Aww soo pretty. I love the way your hair looks in these photos. :) How do you style and dry it?

  4. I've been itching for snow lately...unfortunately, it doesn't usually snow here until mid January or so.
    And I love that first photo of you. Totally cute - red really suits you!

  5. Has anyone told you you are beautiful? :) Because you are. I LOVED watching your video! I'm so glad you got a blizzard! :) Hearing your voice was, like, amazing! :)

    Blessings, Olivia! :)


  6. I love the first photo! So gorgeous. Love the red.

  7. Haha - your homemade movie was simply hilarious. :) We had our blizzard this year - and I would prefer it didn't happen again. :)

  8. The pics are so clear and sharp--I love 'em.:) My favorite of the birds is definitely the second to last one...but that lil' tiny cardinal is just adorable too!

  9. Oh goodness, I'm speechless. Stunning job, Olivia--you have truly captured the beauty of snow in these photos. I'm in love. :)

  10. I loved these pics! As a matter of fact, I love pretty much all the pictures you take. :)
    (I agree that that pictures you love in this post is a very great representation of you.)

    And I love love love red on white color schemes -- I took some of red berries with snow. Perfect.

    I also like how you put together your pictures -- like with your watermark, and borders, and even putting them in mini collages. I'd love if you did a tutorial on how to edit some pictures. Maybe not stuff like cropping and other basic stuff, but you know -- the stuff that makes pictures prettier than straight OOTC. :)

    I had fun in snow down in Virginia. We got 13 inches!!

    ~Liz B

  11. Lovely post, Olivia! I'm saving up for a good camera and I was wondering - what kind do you have?

  12. The blizzard has hit us hard, too. We got 22 inches here. I'm stuck in my house. Haha.

    Oh, and those pictures are really pretty. *jealous*


  13. EquestriennePixie: I don't... I just get out of the shower, scrunch a little upside down for extra body, and let it air-dry. If I try to blow-dry or brush/comb it once I get out of the shower I end up looking like a Troll doll. Eep.

    Liz B: Good idea! I'll keep it in mind.

    MCat: I have the Nikon D60. I have a whole post here: http://ofhorsefeathers.blogspot.com/2010/10/inside-my-camera-bag.html

  14. Cool video, Olivia. But when I watched it, I kept getting these creepy black square spots in places.

  15. HELLLLLO! Are you a freakin model?! I think yes!

  16. Oh my goodness! Your videos and pictures amaze me! The most snow I have ever, ever seen in my life was at the same time as this. We got 6 inches. I was in awe! I live in Georgia, so snow is more like a dream; something that doesn't seem real to me; something that's hard for me to imagine...

    Anyway, I won't go all philisophical on you. LOL I must say, though, that I totally understood what you said about the "wolfiness"... You are so beautiful!! And you always have wonderful pictures of yourself. =) I'm not that lucky, since (a) I don't have anyone who is interested in doing photo shoots with me at the moment (b) I don't have the 'best' camera in the world (c) I don't think I've ever tried getting a good picture of myself in my life. But you have inspired me to do better in my photography hobby! Thank you so much for sharing the videos, pictures, and inspiration. =D

    Always looking forward to more of your posts,
    Autumn <3

  17. You are sooo adorable! (I mean it in the best way) I love your video!


  18. So beautiful! I am a photographer at heart and I say at heart bc I have yet to get a good camera sigh :( I keep dreaming though. I should start saving my money like you did and maybe I could have had one lol.

    I am from Tennessee and we have a saying that the one who sees a red bird will get good luck :)

  19. Blue Jeans: I'm not sure why that happened, it's not like that on the camera. I have suspicions that iMovie is being trixy.

    Makay: Actually, I am. LOL! I've done both still shoots and acting... I was in Taylor Swift's music video for "Mine" if you want to check it out. I'm the one at the diner table with the wicked curly hair.

    Noor: Really? Well! I must be very lucky indeed, considering I stalked this particular red bird for about an hour, camera in hand. ;)

  20. I was just at your design blog and I adore the new design coming to Horsefeathers. And I'm going to post here what I wrote to you there:
    "Omigoodness. I really just have to tell you how much I admire you as a person, writer, photographer and graphic designer. I love all of your work and your really inspiring to me. I come to your blog every single day and I've seen every single one of your posts about a billion times. I just can't get tired of them. So thanks for being a great role model for me :)"


  21. aw great pictures! :)
    What's your favorite thing to photograph?
    that weird sarah girl who posted on one of your other posts.

  22. Believe it or not, I found this post very inspiring to... I don't know... take advantage of the snow we have here (ahem--over 20 inches, yeah...). I also think you are a very beautiful person--inside and out!

    Charming Elephant

  23. Wonderful pictures! I love the pictures of the birds! :)

    Where I live, we have gotten a lot of snow, not so much that school has had to be delayed/canceled but I still think its a lot. Lol.


  24. Oh lucky! We only got some snow for a couple of days, but nothing like a blizzard. We are suppose to get snow tonight and tomorrow! Eep! :D I'm excited! By the way, those are such pretty photos of you!

  25. Yep it's called dandruff, but we knew it was snow hehe.

    Those pictures are fantastic! You look good in red and your eyes are absolutely gorgeous. I love taking pictures in the snow because the light is so bright and pure. So much fun.

    P.S. I am soooo happy to see someone else wears nail polish that doesn't match lol. I do that all the time! :D

  26. You are super adorable! I love those pictures.

    Hey, by the way, I just awarded you a stylish blogger award on my blog, check it out!


  27. Hahahahaha-Oh my gosh!! That video was one of the funniest things I've seen in A LONG TIME!! Your awesome! :D

  28. I love the video:) And i know what you mean about editing about I have iMovie '06 too so I borrow my friend's laptop whenever I want to edit something:)
    Great photos!


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