18 December 2010

Christmas Song Love

You know why iPods are great? Because you can listen to Christmas music all year long and not look like an idiot. Well, okay, there are better reasons, but I'd say that right there is a pretty darn good one.

I love Christmas music. It makes me happy. Whether it's traditional or funky, medieval or modern... I'll be smiling if I hear it.

My favorite classic carol is "The Carol of the Bells". It has a slightly creepy tune, which distinguishes it from its cheery counterparts, but its joyful lyrics make it holiday-spirit-ish.

Here's a playlist of some classics. You'll notice two versions of "Carol of the Bells"... I dare you to listen to them both. :)

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But we are (at least I am) children of a new generation. Classic Christmas tunes can go only so far. Then we bring in the heavy artillery: extremely epic and modern songs for the Yuletide.
I was disappointed to be unable to find "Wish List" by Neon Trees to add to this playlist. It's a really awesome song, and it was free on iTunes last week. Now you can buy it here. It's worth the $1.29!

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Dangerous things happen when you have a rather bored Olivia. Particularly a bored Olivia at Christmastime. And especially a bored Olivia at Christmastime listening to Like a G6 over and over.
The result? A late-night escapade into the land of mashups.
I was trying to find a good Christmas song to do vocals to over a karaoke track for Like a G6. And — whaddya know? —We Three Kings fits perfectly.
I had wayyyyy too much fun doing the vocals for this! I don't take credit for the track in the background, but the vocals and lovely artwork (did you catch that sarcasm?) are mine. {Well scratch that. The elements of the artwork are not mine, you can thank Google Images for those. But I stuck it all together.}

We're getting close... check back tomorrow for totally awesome handmade gift ideas!


  1. I ♥ Christmas music! That is literally the only music we listen to until after Christmas. ^_^

  2. I love those version of Carol of the Bells, but my most favorite version is by Barlow Girl.
    Those girls really know how to rock that song!!

  3. Carol of the Bells is my favorite too! Your 'Three kings' song is soooo funny! :)

  4. Carol of the Bells has to be my favorite Christmas song as well!!!

  5. I love Carol of the Bells! I know the lyrics and I must say, I'm almost *addicted* to Christmas Music. Me and my friend sing "Carol of the Dogs" that I made up. Here are the lyrics:

    Hark how the dogs sweet silver dogs,
    All seem to say throw cares a way!
    Christmas is here bringing good cheer,
    To young and old meek and the bold!

    (Background says "Ding Dog Ding Dog")
    "Ding dog ding dog" That is there song,
    With joyful ring all barking!
    One seems to hear barks of good cheer,
    From everywhere filling the air!

    Oh how they pound,
    Raising the sound!
    Or hill and dale,
    Telling their tale!

    Well, that's the first part. The rest is normal accept when it gets to parts like those.

    Merry Christmas!

  6. iPods are great. Carol of the Bells is amazing! If you're ever looking for another awesome version, go to YouTube and look up this:
    christmas eve in sarajevo 12/24
    It's by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and it's an amazing combination of Carol of the Bells and God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. This song is on repeat 1 on my iPod touch. :)

  7. Carol of the Bells is one of my favorites, too. :)

  8. If you want to hear a really awesome version of Carol of the Bells, look up Carol of the Bells by Metallica. Really great (it's only instrumental but it's by far my favorite).
    It's on playlist.com,


  9. Oh my word Carol of the Bells has always been my favorite!

  10. Hey, Olivia :) It's brightstar. Yeah your probably wondering 'who are you' but I used to be on blogger all the time. I just wanted to say.. Your blog is amazing. Olive Tree you are SO gosh darn talented! I look up to you in so many ways, and your blog is always fun to visit. When I had quit blogger, I stopped going to every blog except for yours! I've read every single post since summer began, and I'm always excited for a new post! I haven't commented for a couple months, but I want you to know how talented you are! And you are so beautiful, I'm 13 as of the moment and all those make-up/beauty videos were great for me! I loved your post about building a bow, and every time I watch the video "Mine" I see you and go "ITS OLIVE TREE!" :)
    Thank you for I inspiring me to be myself, not anyone else. That God gave me a purpose in life, and that's to live my life as I see it. You have taught me so many wonderful things, thank you!
    Have a merry Christmas, Olivia :) May you have a merry and bright holiday!



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