30 December 2010


Today was a day of laughter and silliness. Today was a day of songs stuck in heads and lifting big bags of chicken feed. Today was a day of many outfit swaps and excessive idiocy on skis. Today was a day spent with a friend.

Some of you may know Sally from her blog Treble Clef — if you haven't seen it already, check it out, it's awesome. Anyway, we live fairly far apart so we don't see each other too often. When we do? Well... this is the result...

A   f e w   w a y   t o o   m a n y   n o t e s :
One, the black squares everywhere... they bother me to no end. I think it's iMovie's fault, and I'm hoping to switch to a different program ASAP.
Two, the song is called Send Me On My Way by the band Rusted Root. I love it.
Three, if you can't see who's who, I'm always wearing a teal hat (I change outfits a few times... yes in the course of about three hours...) and Sally's either bareheaded or wearing my white beret. I made her put it on. I think she is in dire need of a beret... look how cute she is, so French-looking.
Four, the parts where we fail at skiing? I'm actually pretty good at cross-country. I just haven't done it in a year, I'm out of practice. Sally, meanwhile is a downhiller. She was like, "see, I won't fail, I'm good at skiing!" And yet, a foot into her decent, she smacked her rear end. You can't hear it, but I go into a certain amount of hyena-laughter. Well, you know what they say: the proud have the farthest to fall.
Five, when I attack Sally at exactly three minutes, it's because she threw a snowball at me. I don't attack unless provoked. Mostly.
Six, though all these clips seem randomly smushed together, I assure you that a good deal of time was spent placing them just right. Example: the last scenes out the car (our ride from her house to mine) are closure going with the last few bars of the song. See?

And I finally tried my hand at some legit digi-scrapping. I dunno... it takes a lot of time. I prefer blog design.
ridiculously corny little saying, yes. see? olivia fails at digiscrapping. this is turning into a post full of fails.

I also have a very epic picture I'd like to share with you... this isn't from today but it's quite hilarious. Don't ask me why Sally's making that face. We both look like creepers. Sigh.

PS... I won't be installing the new HorseFeathers look until tomorrow, but there's a sneak peek on Robin Blogs. UNFORTUNATELY a few other choice people decided it was a great idea to do the exact same design. So if you see one? You know what happened.


  1. I love the video! It looks like you had a lot of fun! Don't worry, I would have probably failed at the skiing too. Lol!


  2. Haha that's HILARIOUS! :) I had no idea you were real-life friends! :)


  3. Wow, what a shame! That look was gorgeous! And, I agree, the video was hilarious!

  4. Great video! It looks like you two had fun.

    It's too bad about the design!

  5. Hahahahhahahha!!!!!! :) That video just made my day, Olivia! You two are very.. lively. ;) I've never tried skiing before, so haha I can't imagine what I would be like skiing down even THAT hill! ;)

  6. EEK! You put the look up! You KNOW I love it -- so glad it's up! As soon as I saw it I was like, "oh my goodness -- OHF needs it up!" LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it, Livvie! :)

  7. I think you guys did pretty good at skiing considering if I did it I would probably kill myself!!! Ahh! Great video!


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