27 January 2011

confessions {part two}

{as always, credit of the idea goes to carlotta}

confession: I am so, so, so indecisive. I wasn't loving the new look. So... *wince* I made another one. No worries, y'all, this one's going to stay for a good long while. I like it a lot. But gollygoshgrandma, I am so indecisive!

confession: Looking into the IB program at my school, I am utterly and completely in love... but not with the workload! {I think I can handle it though.}

confession: I recently realized I read a lot of "gritty" books — you know, daring ones that deal with tough issues or (increasingly less fantasy, but) dark fantasies. I wonder how that reflects on me as a person? Food for thought.

confession: These adorable, forties-style reading glasses, which I love and (to quote Grease) go around asking "do they make me look smarter?" are from... shudder... WalMart. Ack.

confession: Being the youngest person at a drama rehearsal can be a little awkward. Specifically because in the script there is a line that goes something like "a mere baby of fourteen." Everyone looked at me (being fourteen) and I shrugged. Then I murmured to Emily (a lovely senior girl who is playing Antigone, the main character) "is there an equivalent of sexist for age?"

confession: It is certainly a lot of pressure. "The only freshman" means you have to preform as well, if not better, than your older counterparts. Rawr.

confession: I wrote "rawr" as part of a history essay today. Referring to the Middle Ages. It was in context, I promise: Renaissance philosophers claimed that the Roman Catholic Church was being to rawr with their ceremonies and aversion to common people reading the Bible.

confession: I just realized how extremely un-in context that particular "rawr" was. Hmm. Might have to edit that essay.

confession: I've decided there is nothing more embarrassing than your phone ringing. In your pocket. In the middle of class. When you're up at the front of the class.
Phone: *vrrm vrrm, vrrm vrrm* (It's actually just an extremely loud vibrate)
Me: Um... and that's why European peasants were eager for reform?
Teacher: Is that your phone?
Me: Haha, no?
Phone (insistently): *vrrm vrrm! vrrm vrrm!*
Me: I'll just be sitting down now...

confession: We did some very intense working out/stretching routines in gym class yesterday, and I am stiff all over, even after a double dose of PM yoga last night. Owowowowowow.

confession: Okay, that was more complaint than confession. How about I confess that I thought I was totally in shape before doing those exercises... and now realize I am definitely not.

confession: I was so frustrated with my wet hair this morning at school that I put it into a messy bun. Ack. Must spend more time on hair before school in the future.

confession: I've been abnormally hungry lately and expect to gain a lot of weight from all the food I've been eating, but if I don't eat enough my stomach starts growling. Really loudly. In the middle of class. I'm just going to hope it's a big growth spurt and by the end of the month I'll have gained a few inches.

confession: I hate school. Particularly math. Trig is not my friend.

confession: I am literally too tired to type right now. (Also attributing this to my supposed 'growth spurt'.) Time for dinner and sleep. G'night.


  1. This made me laugh. Thanks! :D

  2. I'm sympathizing with you Olivia! I think I did a pose wrong today in my AM yoga and my back is so stiff I can't move...yow. Hopefully a bit of bedtime yoga will clean that up:)


  3. I got lots of "ageism" when I was in 6th and 7th grade at my school. The 8th grades were not the best (though some were really nice, and became my friends). I particularly hated the line "It's an 8th grade thing."
    Being an 8th grader now, and going through that, I try to include the younger students in activities as much as I can. I'm crossing my fingers that I won't have to go through the same thing in high school.

    And I hate math too :)

  4. Hehe! You make me laugh. I don't like math much either. And I hope you grow a foot! [Joking, not that much taller!]

  5. Love the glasses! They actually have style, whereas mine sadly do not. My phone has an awful vibrate too! Haha...

  6. Wal-Mart... is pretty cool. Target's better. :) And those glasses are cute!! I'm all 'bout 40's and 50's!!! :D

  7. Hehe, this was cute and funny.

    Love ya, and goodnight!

  8. Nice glasses! I'm near-sighted and I wear glasses but mine aren't as stylish or cool as yours. By the way, did you straighten your hair?

  9. My phone rang in Latin, but I'd neglected to put it on silent so it burst out with a huge salsa song... So embarrassing! Ageism sucks {there's loads about it in the news currently} and there's all this prejudice surrounding being young. Which is incredibly unfair.
    My school runs an IB programme once you hit sixth form, and though I strongly dislike the thought of staying at my school for seven years {instead of five} it looks like a really good course. Any thoughts on which language you would choose?

  10. Thank you for saying glasses are not for nerds any more. :) I've worn glasses since I was 18 months old {I'm 14 now} and everyone says I look like a nerd.. I don't think so though. :)

  11. Haha! Lovely confessions. :) They made me laugh, although those glasses are *awesome*. Who says specs are for nerds?

    I also noticed that you changed the name of the blog to "oh, horsefeathers". I just wanted to say that I love it! I suppose it makes more sence, as "horsefeathers" is a phrase... Is it? Haha. :) Love the new look, too, Olivia. ;) You're awfully talented.


  12. Olivia, is your header supossed to say OH, horsefeathers; or OF, horsefeathers....?

  13. You're in trig as a freshman? props! I'm a junior and still trying to not fail geometry, haha.

  14. Interesting that you have IB at your school, we do too. It seems like most high schools have AP. I'm doing honors (which means I'm doing four of the six IB "sections") my junior and senior years. I'm actually taking IB Bio AND IB Anatomy next year... talk about a workload ;).

    And I agree, math is no fun! But that's impressive that you're in Trig as a frosh! I'm in Geometry (I'm a soph) and I'm barely scraping by. Geometry isn't my thing - I'm good at Algebra though.

    I love your glasses too :).


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