17 January 2011

I'm Having a Mustache Day Today

Yesterday I remarked to a friend: "My only regret in life is that I'll never have a mustache."

Maybe that's not completely true, but I do dearly love mustaches.

Totally ordering these when I get married.

Not actually on guys. To be honest it weirds me out when they're real.

But fake mustaches?


Fake mustaches make me happy.

I *need* one of these.

Someday I'm going to draw a mustache on my face and sit out in Central Park for the day, just smiling at random strangers. This is legit on my bucket list.

By the way, Etsy has a stunning array of mustache-related goods. I made a whole treasury about it.

As soon as I get a little extra cash, this will become my new favorite shirt.

Wishing for a million dollars to spend at Etsy right now... anyway. I'm having a mustache day today.


  1. Aah, mustaches, I can barely stand the totally awesomeness :)

  2. your expand and collapse menu doesn't work.

  3. People keep saying that... what browser are you using?

  4. Hey Olivia! I just wanted to let you know that your expand and collapse menu DOES work on Internet Explorer. (since you mentioned people having problems, I thought that you might like to know that all is good on my end.)

    I totally love mustaches like that (the ones on the sticks), me and my friends shot a video outside using those several years ago. It was hillarious.


  5. Ha! That my regret in life, too...
    I have a necklace like that, except with a bow tie. :)

  6. Oh my goodness, I totally know what you mean. I've always loved mustaches (except, not on people. I'm not a fan of real facial hair.) and I've wanted a mustache necklace for the longest time!


  7. Eek! This post is 100% awesome! :D Need one of those mustache necklaces, too. But I'll definitely agree with you on the fact real facial hair is a little weird and gross...;)

  8. Oh my... I'm obsessed with fake mustaches too! I love the pictures! Oh, and I want that necklace.


  9. i HEART that mustache on a kitty cat shirt! sooo cute!

  10. Love love love the mustaches. They rock.

  11. Oh man...love when girls have mustaches. I saw three girls at the mall yesterday wearing them. It was epic. A mustache would look pretty bad on me, though, 'cause I already look kind of manly. Haha.


  12. You know Movember? The male teachers at my school participated in it, and it was a month of scary amounts of facial hair.
    I think that the contrast of really pretty, elegant models and this totally black, masculine moustache {that's how we spell it} is weird in a good way.

  13. Mustaches are one of the most legit things. :D
    Lovely pictures Olivia! ;)

  14. I'm in love with mustachaes too, although I hate real ones. :) I simply love the necklace, I do need one of those. ;)

    (and yes, my drop down menu isn't working, neither is anyone elese's. I'm using Internet Explorer.)

  15. Ooh! Heehee, now I want that necklace! lol I;m not big on real mustaches, but fake ones? Oh yeah. xD Haha, this post just made my day Olivia! Thanks! Oh, and I can't wait to see more about your Styleboard! I'm beginning to learn how to sew, so I'll have one of those soon. It'll be more of an idea board though. =D


  16. Ah, mustaches... I *love* that necklace!


    Swirl x

  17. At my summer camp we spend a week celebrating mustaches. It's called Mustache Week, and we give the bell tower a mustache.

  18. I do my mustaches with eyeliner :)

  19. I <3 fake mustaches as well, Olivia. I really, really do. I make them sometimes on my face with my friends, and if I see a black feather of some kind, can you guess what I do with it?


    You are not alone, my dear friend. You are not a lone...

  20. Love love love the mustaches!

    Ashley Jean and any others who are having problems with the expand/collapse menus:
    You might want to check this out - http://support.webs.com/webs/topics/website_wont_load-nuy61

  21. Haha, gotta love them mustaches. :)

  22. (Your expand and collapse menu works for me)

  23. Haha! I love the mustache theme here! Awesome post! :) Really cool styleboard!

  24. Oh, Olivia, you don't know how this post made me laugh! I love the fourth photo- hilarious. And yes, you can sit in the park with a fake mustache. Why? Because you can. Oh, and I love your styleboard too! Can't wait for that post!

    In Christ,

  25. Did you draw the stuff on your style board? If u did it is Lovely :)

  26. I did, though that's pretty much the extent of my artistic ability. There's a reason I didn't draw any faces... ;)

  27. I saw this shirt last night and thought of you. I want it so badly :) http://www.zazzle.com/i_mustache_you_a_question_tshirt-235596134030210481

    How brilliant is that??

  28. Meh... I can get why people love mustaches so much, but I don't like it so much myself.


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