02 February 2011

from under a blanket of snow

 {alternate title: how to amuse oneself on a snow day}

I've lost track of how many snow days we've had this year. A lot. At this rate we'll be in school until the middle of August. But I don't care. Snow days are amazing and a welcome break.

This storm was a doozy — snow coming down thick and fast, muffling everything except the clatter of woodpecker beaks and the trills of songbirds.

It's lovely. But with nowhere to go and no schoolwork, there is little to do. So...

mess around in Photoshop

take *interesting* photos
turtle skull ("scholar") + butterfly ("rex") on my bookshelf. macabre? perhaps. awesome? oh yes.

give a cat a candle and see what happens

make Etsy sets
view it live here
sit in front of the fire

be comfy and cozy
yes, that is a random 50's couple on my hair clip. And the Eiffel Tower. And UFOs. I <3 my godmother.

create sets on polyvore
{other sets of mine here... I love the combination of fashion & collages. two of my favorite things. very handy site too.}

bake cookies
healthy cookies, no less. {linking up}

photograph birds


and, of course...

see? no need to be bored on snow days.

PS- wow, you guys rock! we're only 5 followers away from 400... goodness... that is a lot.


  1. We're blanketed under over a foot of snow right now, so we had a snow day too - yours sounds lovely!

  2. Lucky you! I haven't had a snow day for a couple years! Yeah, YEARS. :P Sounds like you had a fun day. :)

  3. You are so good at finding things to do! :) Haha!
    I love the cookie picture- you should submit it to my food photo challenge. It ends midnight tomorrow.
    Have a lovely snow day! -Danielle

  4. Your day sounds a lot more fun than mine! Mine was like this: go to school. XD It was really cold this morning but of course we're Texans; we don't get snow. Or snow days. Which is why I love seeing all your pictures. They're all beautiful. :D


  5. Wonderful! Accept I would never wear a fur jacket. I'm much too against them.

    But other than fur, cool!

  6. We've had a lot of snow days too. In fact, we had one today! (And yesterday, and tomorrow)
    The Scholar and Rex picture is great. At my school, we have a habit of naming skeletons. In my art class, we have two skulls, and I have named them Hamlet and Lord of the Flies. And in science, the skeleton's name is Sebastian.

  7. Wow! You did a lot today, I miss snow days!=)

  8. Oh,I'll take no school for a few days!
    Biology is killing me right now along with Algerbra(but my dads out of town and I'm stuck ,so no algerbra for a while ;) But I still love homeschooling!
    Photography is my favorite past time since I need to work on it! But kind of hard when none of your siblings like to play 'model'! :(
    Great post!

  9. Oh you are so lucky you get a ton of snow. In NC we...er...almost *cough cough* never get snow and we get excited for two inches. :) Beautiful photos and baking cookies? Why yes!

  10. Ahh, you are lucky. Snow days for us mean more school because we're home-schooled. Oh well. I still l-o-v-e being home-schooled. ;)

    {now i know why you kept emailing me back so fast}

  11. ooooo... I love your collages... I love that site... I think I am addicted..

  12. seems like ya had a great day off.

  13. It's strange, a whole bunch of people have snow, and yet where I live, it is sunny. Queer indeed! ;)

  14. You are so lucky! It never snows here, ever, ever. *sigh*

  15. Why do you lucky people get snow days when over here I'm sweating like there's no tomorrow? I love your choice of photographs :)

  16. Since I live in the tropics I've never seen real snow before. You're lucky! :)

  17. So many things to do on a snow day. Considering we're homeschooled we still have school:)
    All those things you mentioned sounded lovely, I wish i could them all now:)


  18. Great post Olivia =) Too bad it never snows where I am:(

    I love Polyvore! It's just the coolest.site.ever. It's so much fun creating different outfits.

    Looks like you had a great day:)

    Take care!


  19. Wow! Those are great photos and good ideas! This is our 3rd snow day in a row. Oh, and I was looking a few blogger profiles when I realized someone has used your picture for a profile pic...


    I don't know if you already allowed them to do it, or if they just stole it.

  20. Izzy- wow, yikes! That's a little creepy. I commented on her blog... hope she changes it.

  21. Longing for snow days... We just have cold weather and rain and cloud.

  22. I love the cat pictures. :) Glad you enjoyed your snow day.

  23. You are lucky! No snow here :)

  24. this is random, but has your blog always been oh horse feathers, i always thought it was of horse feathers? haha


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