21 February 2011


I need everyone's opinion on this one, okay?

So here's the deal. I've found myself becoming more and more interested in fashion — stark change from about two years ago when some bell-bottoms and an old tee shirt would do just fine. This blog just celebrated its second birthday on the thirteenth (well, not this exact URL... you may recall that Horsefeathers was deleted and only recently brought back to life), and I'm a very different person.

Thus, I got to thinking about it. (I can hear the chorus now: oh no, Olivia is thinking. Heaven help us all.)

I'd like you to look at this post from last July.
Now imagine a couple self-portraits of what I wore on those days.
Maybe a little ranting about the amazing heaven that is Goodwill.
The photos would still be there. That's important. I am still a photographer and there is simply no way to change that. (For proof, I felt guilty leaving this post photoless so I dragged myself out of bed and snapped a shot of the first thing I saw.)

Lately my posts have been all-fashion or all-photo. I want a nice blend. I am definitely leaning more towards fashion, but outfit posts everysingleday isn't any fun (even if the outfit is). And yes, I'll even confess that some days I wear sweatpants to school. (No outfit posts on those days!)

But my dilemma is this. I love the fashion blogger world and want to be a part of it. I need your advice, all  of you, especially my fashion blogger readers.

Does a blog full of hybrid fashion-and-photography posts disqualify me from being an official fashion blogger?

I'm biting my nails in anticipation of your response...

example of photos + outfits

ps- had a little mini freakout just now when I realized that the above outfit was top favorited today on Chictopia! Check it out before it goes away. If you missed it, I am on the far right of that middle row in the screenshot below. *squeal* I just started out, this makes me so happy...


  1. I love your blog the way it is now! I don't think mixing post disqualifies you from being a fashion blogger...I think it just makes your blog more interesting by adding some variety. But, in the end, you should go with what you feel is the best direction for OH. Because it's your blog; I think all bloggers would agree with me that our blogs are just and extension of our soul.


  2. nopety-nope! (a blog full of hybrid fashion-and-photography posts does not disqualify you from being an official fashion blogger) In fact it makes your blog unique and more open to different kinds of readers(those interested in fashion, photography, and both!) =D Most of all you should post what you want to post. So if that includes fashion and photography--go for it!

  3. I think that fashion and style is more than clothes. When you are truly passionate about it, it is an extension of your self and your soul. And when your soul is also a tangle of photography and words and travel... You need to express that. It's not worth sacrificing the passion you have for photography to be a super-big fashion blogger. Honestly? Often, blogs that are just about fashion bore me because there is no reality and no person behind them. Horsefeathers is real and it's lovely and it's a reflection of you.
    Before I've written a novella here; basically:
    do what you want. But you're super talented at photography so don't sacrifice it.

  4. Of COURSE it doesn't :) Plenty of fashion bloggers (Take Sydney at the Daybook) don't only blog about fashion. It may be a big part of your life, but that's not all there is.

    Personally, I'm loving the fashion posts.

    Keep it up.

  5. If all girl bloggers just put fashion posts on their blogs, life would get boring. I think your blog needs to have a bit of mix. I mean, you want your blog to reflect who you are, and i think all your readers know that you love fashion and photography, and you enjoy being random.

    Just be yourself...

    ~Briony Katie~

  6. I completely agree, Nana. Do you what you feel comfortable with. We like you for you no matter what kind of posts you decide on :)

    anna :)

  7. Olivia, this is your blog, your world, and your photography. Don't start splitting blogging into sections, because there are none.
    If you feel like making a post on something other than fashion, do you really want to hold yourself back? Do you really just want to keep to yourself a beautiful photo?
    If you want to post fashion a lot, that's your choice, and I love to read your posts no matter what they are.
    I won't lie to you-I like nature photography, animal photography, and a lot of other kinds a bit more than fashion-that's just who I am. But I'll always like to read your blog no matter your choice.

    So think to yourself: what do you wan't? I know you just want to please your readers, but you have to please yourself.


  8. I really don't think so! I love how you do your blog and I don't think it would be as fun at all if you only did fashion or only other things. I like both! {by the way, your pictures are wonderful!!}

    But I agree with Nana. Because it's your blog, I totally support whatever you do with it.

  9. I would totally love that. A mix of fashion and photography...heaven! I mean, I love both. And with your personality, it would be even better.

    i don't know if you are aware how much I adore your blog...

    blessings, Lauren Anne

  10. No... We as human beings... Have many interests. For you, fashion and photography are two of many things that you probably enjoy. It's not fair to limit yourself to one topic when I for one, find it difficult to narrow all my interests to even two things. Plus, a good mix would be nice. I want to be surprised as in "I wonder what Olivia is going to post today!" with enthusiasm instead of "Well, let's see what type of outfit she's posting today." with less excitement, you know? A hybrid blog does not disqualify you from being a fashion blogger. Besides, fashion can be displayed in many ways and forms.
    I hope this has helped! (:

  11. I really look forward to seeing what outfit you are going to post next - you really inspire me Olivia. I can see myself becoming more interested in the fashion world. But I am also very excited to see what your next shot is going to be. I absolutely adore your photography and when I get the money, I look forward to purchasing one of your photos at your etsy. I love everything about this blog and I think if you want to change to all fashion - by all means, go ahead. But just know that we all want you to be you. No matter what.

    Charming Elephant

  12. I love your blog a lot, and I think fashion+photography is a very nice match.

  13. Nope! I love the photos you take. But sometimes you post a little bit too much fashion, and (don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be rude) its just a little uninteresting looking at a bunch of outfits you wore. Don't get me wrong, some are interesting, but a whole post dedicated to a outfit personally just isn't worth reading.

    But I think you're blog is fantastic- and adding photography won't make it un-fashion.

    And don't fell bad about the sweats, girl! That's what I wear every day! Sweats and t-shirt. Yea, I'm a sports freak I guess. :)

    Love your blog, sister!

  14. I also agree with Nana. Post what you want to post about. This is your blog, therefore you have all rights to post about whatever you'd like! Whether it would be fashion, photography, etc. I think that if you post about fashion and have a link to what you've worn (like you have under your header) then you are considered a fashion blogger.

    You may also want to consider creating a blog specifically for fashion (that is, unless you would rather post it here). :)

  15. I like how you don't just blog about one subject. It keeps us all in suspense of what's going to happen next :)
    I love your blog!

  16. I shall not disqualify you ;)
    I think that's perfectly awesome.

  17. Absolutely not! I happen to prefer a mix of fashion and photography, it keeps things from becoming boring. :)


  18. I've always thought that your blog was the perfect combination of EVERYTHING - fashion, photography, writing, your life, and sometimes tutorials. I love it just the way it is. The fashion posts are my favorite, but it wouldn't be the same without the other stuff too. I don't think that having mixed posts makes you disqualified as a fashion blogger.
    --Love MCat

  19. First off, I love your blog! I've been a reader for a few months, off and on.

    I love fashion blogs and photo blogs, so a mix of the two are my favorite! You can get creative with your outfit shots too, so they are beautiful examples of photography, and not have to include a non-fashion photo each time. You know what I mean?

    Anyways, I don't think having mixed post's disqualifies you as a fashion blogger. :)

    xoxo, Ashley

  20. Hmm. It's good that I'm seeing who reads my blog — equal parts fashionistas and non-fashionistas. Maybe a little more fashionistas. Well, good, I'm glad you all think it's okay. :)

  21. I like your blog the way it is, Olivia!! I agree with some of the other commenters that said it would be kind of boring if all girls posted about fashion. So i agree, that you need to mix. So I'd say keep your blog the way it is, i like it:D


  22. I love the idea of both - that's awesome. This is your blog, after all. And no, photography does not exclude you from being a "fashion blogger" - I think the two go well together. ;)

  23. I really love fashion, and therefore, when you do fashion posts I figuratively 'run' to them, because I love your new ideas and combinations of clothing. I personnally would not mind a bit if you did all fashion posts, and plus, taking pictures of your clothes IS photography.

    Love you!

  24. P.S. I wouldn't disqualify you as a fashion blogger. :D

  25. I think that it wouldn't be that much of a change if you wanted to go straight to fashion :P I mean, I love hearing about your life and everything, but still, the blog dedicated to fashion is hard to find :D

    Plus, there's always the fact that it's your blog. Just like it's your life. It is nice to have people's opinions, but don't let that change what you really really really wanna do with your own stuff!!!! :D:D:D

    Good luck with everything!!!

  26. Please, don't slow down on the fashion posts! I adore each and every one of them. I love your blog just the way it is =)


  27. I followed you BECAUSE of your fashion posts! I like cute outfits and classy styles, you got it here, and *threatening voice* if you take it away, I will unfollow!

  28. I adore fashion (as evidenced by my outfit posts), and I love seeing your outfits! But I love all your other posts too. I really don't think mixing other things with your outfit posts would disqualify you from being a fashion blogger. This is, after all, your blog, your space, and it's yours to do with how you see fit. Either way, though, I'll still read and love your blog!

  29. I agree with Nana also. Do whatever you feel. Besides, no matter what happens, you're awesome and inspiring, and I definitely wouldn't disqualify you as a fashion blogger! As a matter of fact, I'm excluding it from my vocabulary. *Excludes* There. Great post :))
    -Jocee <3

  30. found you on chictopia...love your blog! I agree it's nice to see you mix it up ;)

    Check out mine:


  31. I definitely won't mind. You can post about anything that catches your fancy. I read your blog no matter what you post about. :P Including fashion in Horsefeathers would be awesome! :)

  32. Most def not. Mixing things up adds variety. In both my blogs I do what I want...I dislike the average fashion bloggers that post a million pics about themselves and say how awesome it is to buy a chanel bag, and oh im wearing prada shoes...Fashion bloggers should teach people how to become an individual, not want their readers to be something they aren't.


  33. Look at these blogs:
    ...and others, too!
    But even if they all post the outfits that they wear, they also write about their lives. It's pretty hard to be "just a fashion blogger".
    @Briony Katie: but what if all boys were fashion bloggers? ;)

  34. Posting both definitely doesn't disqualify you from anything! Like others have said...it actually may make you better.

    Personally, I followed you because I loved your photography and writing voice. But, I also love fashion, and while some days are just boring outfits for me, I love dressing up in cute dresses and stuff... I like learning your style, because from different fashion posts/pictures I look at, I usually pick and pull different elements/ideas from them for my own looks. :)

    Keep on blogging! Your photography is a blessing.

    ~Liz B

  35. Absolutley not! I love your sense of fashion, but also your photagraphy. I liked the way that you mixed it in.. I have read way to many blogs where all they do is "photagraphy" or just "Fashion" which does get VERY boring.

    I think it makes you a wonderful blogger. I love the way that you have your own sense of style, and blogging. I like the way that you inspire lots of people to inhance their blogs.

    So did you get my awnser? Well if you didn't mine is that it does not disqualify you from anything!

    Hope that helps!

    <3 Hannah


  36. Do it! I love seeing your outfits and wonderful photography inspiring ideas.

    I actually want to start doing fashion posts,but I'm horrible at being a model,so I'll enjoy looking at your modeling,photography and fashion skills!
    Congratulations on the Chictopia thing,you must be really, really, really excited I would!



  37. You asked: Does a blog full of hybrid fashion-and-photography posts disqualify me from being an official fashion blogger?

    Nope. I like your blog just how it is, and who you are. ;)

  38. Olivia dear, your blog is amazing teh way it is! I would definately consider you as a fashionista, so don't worry about non-fashion pictures! You can still be a fashion blogger even if you take other pictures! Your great at what you do and if I were you I wouldn't want to give up my amazing talent as a photographer!

    Seriously,Olivia, you have got it ALL. I wish I had fashion :P I try, but I pretty much fail. Your outfits are gorgeous and you deserved to be one of the top-liked photos of the day ! :)

    Love and peace,

  39. fashion + photography + Olivia = one of the best blogs in blogdom! Of COURSE being a hybrid doesn't disqualify you! it just makes it better!
    (oh, and aren't hybrids, like, a trend right now?? :)

  40. I know nothing about fashion or fashion blogs and have little interest in fashion, so I would hope you kept some variety. I'll probably still read it anyway even if it does turn into a fashion blog . . . I love your photography and writing style so I'll still be here. I do also love your how-to posts like you did on the hair and makeup. I hope everyone else was able to answer your question. :)


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