24 February 2011

I Dream in Pastels.

... but pastels are incredibly hard to find when your world is a mix of snow and mud, so I had to call upon the aid of my archives for some of these. Sigh. Spring needs to come soon and banish the weather forecast for sleet and slush tomorrow.

Birds from today.
wish this fellow was more in focus...

blouse: American Eagle // dress: vintage // jeans: 7 For All Mankind // gloves: vintage
Pastel + vague Alice In Wonderland feel = springtime to me. Never mind that I was freezing. Warmth is overrated. {PS: I'm getting rather good at this whole self-portrait thing... I'm actually vaguely in focus in these.}

These next two are both from 2009. Gasp.

Apple and honey and peanut butter sandwich. Mmm.

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I know that some of my readers are no longer snowbound... what's it like in your neck of the woods?


  1. It's nice and warm in my neck of the woods right now - seventy degrees! (Tennessee). But on the downside, we're expecting tornadoes later this afternoon, and we all know that easter will be freezing.
    --Love MCat

  2. Well, there's no snow, but it's still freezing. Wishing I could wear shorts and go barefoot again... :)

  3. *gasps* Oh, pastels, come to me! It's dreary and damp in my neck of the woods - plenty of brown grass and gray trees. I love your lacy gloves - are they from the Big Cardboard Box of Amazing Vintage Clothes? I wish I was brave enough to wear short sleeves today... Oh, just one more thing. The pinkish and greenish spring photo is absolute heaven. I want that. Now. And is that a peach-colored bracelet you're wearing? Where did you get it? Okay, I'm done drooling over your pastels now. A lovely post, like always, Olivia. Keep brightening my day, girl!

    In Christ,

  4. It is Washington, and actually as I type, it is dumping snow.

  5. Lovely post. Today, for us, was the warmest day of the year this far and utterly delicious.

  6. I want spring! Outside my window...snow, cold, gray. Yuck. Thanks for the pastels to add a little color to my day.

  7. Wow...I do feel like pastels now. Last week, I got a teasing taste of above 68 weather. But now....it's mostly dreary and 50s. No snow, but it's definitely still "long-sleeves" weather. I wish for spring!

    The good news is, I can photograph all seasons -- and I like to find something good about them all.

    ~Liz B

  8. I've never actually seen snow. But it does get really cold here... 19-23 is what it was a couple weeks ago. But now it's 80 something and hot. Feels like Summer already and it's not even spring! I envy your snow though... I really do.


  9. Today is actually a snow day, lol!

  10. It is wet here from rain last night... but I am lovin' it!!! :) Love those pics!

    ~Kaycee Lee~

  11. From a girl down south: What's it like down here? Warm! :D The wind is a little chilly, but I don't mind. I almost ran outside in a tank top yesterday. Yup. (sorry, I should stop - I don't mean to make you jealous.)

    Love you!

  12. Wow Olivia!!!

    Love love love this post! Sooooo pretty! Oh, I'm dyin for spring too. Just last week, I think, it was up in like the 60's, almost 70's, but with just a bit of breeze. It was goregous!!! 'Cept we have a ton of melting snow and slush and fun stuff like that around here (Iowa) but ya! Spring, please.come.soon.

  13. Oh, spring pastels, how I long for you. I am feeling a tad jealous of Londoners right now... Crocuses, cherry blossoms, daffodils and snowdrops sprouted along the banks of the river Thames this morn. If only the whole northen hemisphere sprouted in pinks and greens overnight. Sigh.

    Vickii x

  14. those are self portraits? They're awesome! Whenever I take self portraits they're usually in the mirror... oh well, practice makes perfect!

  15. I still have heaps of snow here in central Ontario :)

  16. It's around 70-80 degrees down in Florida! We're so lucky. :D

  17. These photos are so lovely! Those birds are the cutest!

  18. I love pastels too. :) Great pictures. Where I live in Texas it is pretty warm but right now I'm in Kansas City and it's pretty slushy...like 30 degrees with some ice and a bit of snow but only like a sprinkling.


  19. I have to say, it's gorgeous down here. I mean, it's still 40ish degrees, and dropping at the moment, but I'll take that over snow.
    Yep, I know. I'm a warm-weather girl. :) But not a hot-weather girl. Oh well...

    Love the outfit!

  20. Wow, it looks nicer there than it is here. Love the shots!


  21. Dreadful winter in my part of the woods. Gotta love Michigan. We might actually not have school tomorrow. I would very much laugh at that. :D

  22. That's it. I'm officially jealous of your photography!! I don't know how you come up with such amazing designs and fashion, but I love it!! I wonder where your inspiration comes from. You're amazing!! And you're so lucky you still have snow :))
    -Jocee <3

  23. CUTE post. :) we're getting MORE snow tonight. not that I mind. But come March , I'll probably be ready to be done.

  24. I have not seen snow since the beginning of January! It is so awesome to be able to ruin outside in shorts!!!

    Hope your snow melts!!


  25. The dress you're wearing is so pretty!
    I agree- I'm done with winter! :P

  26. Your outfit is the Cutest yet!!
    It is SO pretty and vintage!!

  27. I like the outfit but I think it would look better without the dress. :)

  28. Nice outfit. I like it, but I'd probably put skinny jeans under the dress, but it still looks cute. :)

    And as always, you take some awesome pictures, I love 'em.


  29. It's warm! and sunny-and-beautiful-and-springy and-not-what-i'm-used-to.
    In New England, I would still be bundled up inside under the covers (reading your blog) or outside sledding at *gasp* Suicide Hill (I don't think anyone's actually died on it, but the name still sounds delightfully dangerous.)
    But now in South Carolina it feels like May! The Jonquils and hyacinths are coming up, the spring peepers are peeping with all their might and main, and I love it :) <3
    hope you get some of what I'm loving soon!
    I'll wish some over to you,


  30. Wow! Your pictures are amazing! I love this blog... :( I'll never have a blog like urs :( I still love to visit though!

  31. It was forty something here today. Last week it was in the seventies. We get snow maybe one or two days a year. :) I love the south.

    I was just about to ask you who was taking the pictures of you. Too cool that you're doing it yourself. Gotta love a self timer. :)

    I love the flying bird picture even though he's not in focus. Very nice!


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