20 March 2011

desperately seeking summer

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Just a little bit. Ahhh, I want sunshine and birds and butterflies and flowers and yellow. I want it to be warm and bright and barefoot-weather. I want, I want, I want.
“I want …" sobbed Mig. "I want… I want …"
"What do you want, Mig?" the princess said softly.
- The Tale of  Despereux by Kate diCamillo
I want summer. I was browsing through some lovely sites this morning and for some reason found myself aching for summer. (Weirdly, as I was searching for that above quote — I couldn't quite remember the wording — I came across this site with the exact same theme as Kittenhood. It was pretty sketchy because I'd been thinking "oh such a pretty theme" like five minutes earlier.)

I want bright colors and tank tops and shorts without tights underneath. But for now it's merely early spring, and though the snow from yesterday has almost completely melted away — thank God — I want to visit a garden store in a sundress and sip lemonade from behind big sunglasses and a floppy sixties sunhat. I want to paint my bicycle yellow and ride around like this.

I want to pack away my coats and boots for a later date and break out the flip-flops and sandals. I want the gold paint on my toenails to show, and I want it to match the sun. I want to run around with a butterfly net, even if I don't catch anything.

I reallllly want this dress from ModCloth. Of course it's one of the most expensive ones out there... sigh.

We had tech rehearsal for our theatre club's spring production yesterday night from 2:30-9:00 pm (and that's a very early end time, the tech rehearsal for the fall musical ended at 12:30 AM the next morning...) and we were all watching the gorgeous moon. It was cold. I want it to be summer so you can watch the moon without freezing your buns off.

I want teal and orange and strawberries with sugar, straight from the garden. (The strawberries, not the sugar.) I want sunflowers and seagulls and sunlight all day long. And sometimes I want rainshowers, making everything wet and sparkling and beautiful. I want to ride around in a yellow taxi cab with the roof taken off and wave and throw flowers at everyone I see. I want to take a daysail out to one of the Casco Bay islands and wander around and touch things, snakes and seashells and stones and feathers. (You know I used to live on one of those islands? Yes. Great Diamond Island, actually. It was lovely, if a pain to go on the ferry every day to school.)
via weheartit

I want it to be sunny but also not 36º F (ahem, today, ahem ahem). I want the weather to match Owl City music. I want to open my eyes in the morning and be able to step outside into the dew and the sun without getting hypothermia.

(Are you noticing a trend here? Sun. Yellow. Color. Warm. Sun.)

I want to travel around to other summery places. I want to play guitar and sing made-up songs on street corners with my friend Samantha (this is a shared dream...) and harmonize and not care if we make two dollars or two hundred. I want to learn to play piano and flute because those are summer instruments.

I want to sew my own dresses and purses and shorts. I want to throw flower petals over my head and say that it's raining. I want to take pictures with a fisheye lens and laugh.

Groan. Whyohwhyohwhy must I live in Maine? I want summer. I am desperately seeking summer. Severely wishing for summer. Truly yearning for summer.

I want summer....


(PS: anyone catch the 80s reference in the title? *wink*)

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  1. Desperately seeking Susan?
    And... summer cannot come soon enough. I exfoliated my knees and my elbows--now I just need a sundress to wear them in!

  2. I have a house on a Casco Bay island...I can't wait to go back out.

  3. how nice, your dream is dreamy :) I could even settle for a nice warm spring right now, not to mention the fun and freedom of your yellow-colored summer!

  4. I know how you feel...I'm aching for summer as well...and spring just began. :(

  5. I anything from Modcloth - their styles are so elegant and chic! Yeah...and their isn't any school to worry about over the summer! I love it when the weather is just right around 70 to 80 with a nice cool breeze! The other day was nice though, I hope we get warm days like that more often from now on! :) Just hang in there it will be summer before long.

  6. Wow Olivia, this has got to be one of my favorite of your posts! Seriously. It was so beautiful! :)
    And yes, I'm alongin for summer too!!!!
    And also, yellow right now, is one of my favorite colors!!! hehe

  7. Ahh, I'm yearning for the sun as well. I love springtime.
    Hehe, I play piano and flute. :]

  8. Yes, Desperately Seeking Susan! I keep postponing watching that (it's been on my to-watch list for a while).

  9. I hear ya! Its actually getting warmer here, but, as you said in your previous post, a heart-braker snowstorm always surprises us.

    That dress would look *sosososo* awesome on you!


  10. What a pretty dress! We already have the perfect weather here. In a couple of weeks it'll be time to swim! W00T!

  11. Hmmm...yep, this post totally could have been mine:) I WANT SUMMER TOO!

  12. I. Miss. Summer.

    In Australia Summer just finished last month I wish it were still here. Right now its Autumn or Fall as you would say in America.
    I love that dress. Traveling round to summery places would be the best. Hope your dream comes true!
    Ellie :)

  13. so with you there girl! bring on summer!

  14. I wholeheartedly agree on the desperately wanting sun feeling - it was absolutely gorgeous at the weekend, but now the weather has returned to grey again. What I'm looking forward to is not having to layer everything over long sleeved tops and tights!
    That dress you picked out is gorgeous - the colour looks so happy.


  15. I'm with you, girlie. Sun, yellow, bicycles, sunflowers, butterflies.

    Ah, well. Summer will come in time:)


  16. mmm. I know what you mean.

    except, you know, I'm in Puerto Rico right now.

    I've never been this happy for sunburn in my life.

    And guess what? We have ocean...and it's warm...and we're actually snorkeling tomorrow.

    yes, I love vacation.

  17. Oh, I want summer too! Doesn't everybody? It just can't come fast enough! It was fairly nice out yesterday, but then we got hit with snow this morning. I guess I'll just have to wait and dream about it for now. :) Cool orange bike pic!

  18. That orange bike is so cute!!


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