10 March 2011

Dude. I'm, like, popular. (aka the party-planning post)

We're exactly 12 10 Followers away from 500, people. Twelve Ten! (I woke up this morning, having drafted this post last night, to find two more friends had joined us.) That is a small number. A very small number. Wow. In mid-January just about 350 people followed horsefeathers. That's about a 150 increase in less than two months. That is crazy-amazing. You have no idea how warm and fuzzy that makes me feel inside.

So we have to start planning a party, no? I'm thinking a blog hop of epic proportions. And five (or so) random winners to be drawn from that blog hop to win prizes of epic proportions.

Therefore I am looking for people — Etsy shops, clothing stores, jewelry makers, anyone who's interested in donating a gift certificate or item worth about $20 or more — to make this blog hop great. I'm thinking maybe five sponsors, one for each winner. In return? Two months of free advertising (we're getting about 30,000 pageviews a month now!) for a prize $20-$30, three months if you donate something worth $40-$50, and five months for $50 and beyond!

*pants* Okay. Enough of my carnival-barker voice. Back to planning the party.

Would you guys be interested? It would be a getting-to-know you type thing encompassing fashion, photography, the works.

Eeee. This is so exciting. I remember when horsefeathers was a dinky little thing with the Ms. Moto theme and three followers (counting myself) and my first post was about learning to ski and falling over. We've come a long way, little blog.

So I'd love to hear your ideas for blog hop questions, your opinion on the idea itself, and any possible sponsors can email me if you're interested!

Thank you, lovelies, each and every one of you. xoxo.

(and because I feel bad not posting a photo, here's an amazing galaxy cupcake. you're welcome.)


PS: Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who's voted for me for the I Heart Design Best Photographer awards! She's made the poll private to build up suspense, but you can still go VOTE HERE every day until Saturday, the 12th. Thanks bunches, lovelies!


  1. Sounds very cool!! I don't know if you'd want to include a blog design package in the list of prizes, considering that you have your own business! but if so I'd love to donate my "Photographer's Special" package. It contains a fully customized blog, logo, watermark, and a custom flash website. (It's all worth $50 - more information on the package is available here - http://beautydesignsform.blogspot.com/ The package is towards the bottom of the page)

    -Hannah Beasley
    Beauty {free blog designs}

  2. I think it's be fun. :) I'd join.


  3. That sounds like so much fun!! Congrats on your almost 500 followers, you lucky girl ;) And I LOVE that cupcake. Too amazing and galactic. Omigosh I said "galactic". I watch Star Wars too much. Moving on... :))
    -Jocee <3

  4. Hannah: Thanks for the offer, but I generally don't do giveaways by other designers... it just makes me feel awkward!

  5. When I get my photography shop up 'n' running, could I donate something? If you could reply through one of my blogs, that would be GREAT!

    and I just LOVE that cupcake!

    Oh, and even if I can't donate, I'd LOVE to participate in your online party!

  6. Ashley (also left on your blog): Sure! Even since I posted this another friend has joined us, so the party will probably be sooner rather than later.

  7. Congratulations Olivia! I remember when you used to be the girl who would hide her face when she took a picture of herself. And don't forget StormClan, either. I know you've grown out of Warriors, but still, those times were fun.
    Now you have nearly 500 followers? Wow! It's funny, I think I'm going to plan something for having 30 followers on my blog. Hey, it's a start, and it makes me happy.

    Congratulations Olive Tree. You've officially grown into an Olivia!

  8. Congrats Olivia! I'm with Brooke, I remember when I was like, "What? She's gonna change her name from Olive Tree to Olivia? No way, I'll never get used to that!" Now I can't imagine you with the name Olive Tree. hehe

    I'd love to have a blog party, that would be awesome! :)

  9. How exciting! :)

    Olivia, I am currently re-arranging my shop but I could offer you two sets of giveaways worth $20-$30 each.

    I will let you know the details if you are interested or better yet, send you photos ;)

  10. What are the requirements to donate something?

    I don't have an etsy shop, but I do sell and make, or rather vise versa, things... and I would be willing to donate something that's worth about 15-20 bucks.Maybe two things... but I don't know if I'd fit into the idea you have in your head. :) Just respond here... I'll be back later.

  11. Sure, Bleah, why don't you email me and we'll sort it out?

  12. Sounds like FUN! I'm afraid that I don't have anything to offer for a giveaway but I'll definitely join in the party:)

  13. That sounds like a ton of fun! Now you're only NINE followers away from having 500! Wow! For me, it will be a big deal when I reach the 100 follower mark.

    I would totally donate a product for you (aka a makeup bag sewn by moi), but I am *cough cough* still in the process of learning how to make them. :)

  14. The party sounds like a great idea! I'm so happy for you! I'll most likely participate, but my only hesitation is that I'm not allowed to recieve mail and things from people I don't know. It's nothing personal or anything, I'm just not allowed to give my address to people I don't know or anything. Do you think a prize could be online, such as a blog makeover or just a background?


  15. Congrats on almost-500! That's exciting. I'd post likely join the party, hehe. :)


  16. OMG! Congrats Olivia! So close to 500! Hurray! :) I am excited just thinking about it! A blog hop sounds totally awesome! :)

  17. i'd totally join in!! bring it on. :)

  18. Yeah! I finally have my 30 followers! :) Just in time!

  19. ETA: I mean "most", of course. :P Sorry!


  20. Oh no! Someone stopped following :( It's back to 10 Followers away now.

  21. I'd love to be a part of a giveaway!
    I can give one $15 gift certificate.


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