14 March 2011

nineteen sixty four

I'd been admiring the little mod minidresses from the early sixties for a while, especially the white and pastel ones like these and these and these.

I'd thought the Big Cardboard Box of Vintage Stuff in my basement had been depleted. Apparently not... I found this yesterday and immediately started freaking out.

Bought by my grandmother at Lake Erie in 1964. It's perfect.

I  got all excited and did that trippy 60s makeup with the line around your socket and white underneath. Pity I have no false lashes...

I convinced my dad to drive to a nearby railway and snap some photos — thank you, Dad!

dress and yellow bracelet: vintage // socks: Target // shoes: thrifted // peacoat: Forever 21 // clutch: vintage (probably also my grandmother's, from the fifties I think)

I'm wearing it to the annual Easter party we attend.

A little loose in the waist and hips, but who cares? It totally made my day.

xoxo, lovelies!

PS: I was featured here. Fun blog to see other teen's outfits from the world over!


  1. I have ALWAYS loved vintage. I am 30 and used to go to vintage stores when I was only 14 and 15 before people were really doing it and people LOVED to make fun of me for it. But I have always been unique in my clothing and my small town in TN was VERY behind that I knew lol. Love your style and always stay true to it.

  2. love it Olivia!!! You are sooo fortunate to have that amazing vintage box to peruse. :)


  3. That is so cute! Neat that it's from Lake Erie...that's actually where I live :)

  4. so. totally. epic. I love it! I so wish there was a box of vintage clothes in our basement ;) and that I was more photogenic! Hey, could you do a post on that? How to be more comfortable in front of the camera?


  5. Eeek! That's adorable! It's so 60's and looks ADORABLE on you.


  6. hey Olivia, not trying to spam you or anything but I wanted to let you know that you were featured on my blog today: http://blonde4christ.blogspot.com/2011/03/blogger-promo-list.html

    cute outfit by the way. :) But that's not a surprise. You're always adorable.


  7. Awesome! I love old things; it's cool that it's from 1964. :) Great photos!


  8. these images are so pretty! :)

  9. purdy purdy cute!! you look great, as always!!!! :)
    love the clutch too. i got this awesome gray/brown RUFFLED clutch at Gordmans a few weeks ago and I use it all the time!! so much fun. :D

  10. found you via chictopia! i love all the bright colors and whimsical photo composition! =)


  11. Beautiful dress! I don't know whether Topshop in America has as good stock as here, but they're selling a gorgeous sixties-inspired dress with little white daises sewn on in floppy silk. It's really textured and looks gorgeous, and reminds me of this dress.

  12. I gave you an award here: http://shieldmaidenofgod.blogspot.com/2011/03/awards.html

  13. gorgeous. I need a big cardboard box of vintage stuff ;)

  14. Wow, that is such a beautiful dress. You look great in it! :D I just discovering this blog and I am LOVING it. I can't stop smiling. :D

  15. You have such a pretty smile. :) I don't think the dress looks too loose. It looks really nice on you. Choosing the railroad for the shoot is totally awesome! Great pictures.

  16. Olivia, you are probably the ONLY person I know who can take something vintage (in your case something from the 1960's) and make it actually look cute and stylish.

    The red knee high socks? Love them. :)

  17. whoa. this is WAY cute. ;) i love the outfit and your makeup is to die for!

    Thanks for following my blog! i love yours, and it's an honor that you follow mine! ah! ;)


  18. This is my first time stopping by your blog, and I am in love already!
    I really enjoy pictures 3 and 6, your smile makes me want to smile too.
    I personally don't really care for mini dresses, but this one looks outstanding on you!
    Your hair is very pretty in these photos as well.

    Thanks for having this blog, It is very inspiring to me. (I am now following;])

  19. Great outfit. I love the editing on your photos :)

  20. Your dad is a great photographer!!! And you are a superb model. :)
    Really pretty outfit!

    § acacia (ahh cass ee ahh)

  21. Great photos and I love the dress! The socks and shoes go well with it.
    You never fail to impress me with your fashion, modelling and photography, Olivia. :)

  22. I love how the socks add a nice blast of color :)

  23. Hey Olivia,

    That is a gorgeous dress! I wish I had it. And you look very beautiful in it. Love the eye makeup, too :)



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