30 March 2011

signs and wonders

shirt and clutch: vintage // dress (worn as skirt): Abercrombie & Fitch // shoes: Target // hat: White Stag // belt: unknown

Delicious: French vanilla ice cream swirled with strawberries with a dash of chocolate chips. So bad for you, so delicious. And I ate it right after taking photos of this outfit... pink + white + chocolate brown. Not even intentional. It's totally a sign that I should eat more ice cream / wear more pretties.

Exciting: I won that lovely copy of Alice In Wonderland from this giveaway — snazzy, no? I was thrilled, I literally never win stuff. You know what I've noticed? Wealthy people always win stuff in giveaways or raffles or whatever. People who actually want the stuff because they can't otherwise afford it never do. Maybe this is a sign, too... a sign that someday soon I shall be filthy rich. That would be nice.


The shirt by itself is rather baggy; my grandmother sewed it in the late 60s during that whole non-form-fitting trend. So I tied a belt around it to make it a little more interesting.

And here are my dear espadrilles from good old Target. I love them even though they're a tad big (anyone else know why I'm a size smaller in heels than other shoes?!) and was so excited to drag them out of my summertime trunk. The weather rewarded me by snowing, but it was actually sunny today (though freezing). I'm convinced that this is a sign that's saying something like "a watched kettle never boils" or, more aptly, "put away your espadrilles, I'm not done with winter yet!"

^^^ literally my favorite song ever. so weird + jazzy. ^^^
and this is totally a sign that... never mind. i won't go there.


  1. ok, those shoes are amazing. I desperately need to go to Target. And you are so right about giveaways. so not fair. :)

  2. ADORABLE!! As always. It's so cool you have a whole bunch of your grandma's clothes!! That'd be sooo cool for me!! I really need to get that hat you always wear. It's so snazzy :))
    -Jocee <3

  3. love the outfit! :D yeah i know and i like how the publisher companies redid all of the classics cover like jane eyre and stuff, too. there's a whole section in borders in hardcover and WHERE DID YOU GET THAT MANNEQUIN??!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!??! {i've been looking for one, can you tell?} :)

  4. Eskän, my godmother once worked in a clothing store and when she left somehow managed to snag this mannequin. :)
    Look in vintage stores, they're everywhere.

  5. i'll keep that in mind :) {mother, we're THRIFTING!}

  6. Love it (especially your wedge heels)! :)

  7. Alice is one of my favorites. I wish she was my best friend. Happy reading!

  8. Olivia,
    can i pretty please have those shoes?!?! They are soo cute! But the skirt/dress is MUCH too short for me.

  9. ooh, the hat really adds to the outfit :)

    -anna :)

  10. Love those heels! I don't ever really wear heels,but those are cute!

  11. whoa, you're in the picture twice, man. trippy. ;)

  12. Sarah-Anne: Haha, yes, Photoshop is my friend.

  13. I love that photo with you in it twice! That's cool :)
    The shoes are amazing! I don't even own a pair of high hells :(

  14. that is really cute!!! I just thought I'd tell you that one of my BFFs wore those shoes to school yesterday!! This is nuts!!! lol!

  15. I think the reason why you are a size smaller in heels really depends on the company. I'm normally an 8, but in Nike's I'm a 9, and in Converse I'm a 7. Go figure.

  16. I love those shoes :D

    I would like to let you know that you was giving the Stylish Blog Award at my blog. To receive it you may go to http://mommyandwife2011.blogspot.com/2011/03/stylish-blog-award.html .

  17. What a coincidence! I made a post yesterday in my blog with a photo of me duplicated. But it's not a fashion post unlike yours. Mine was about multiplicity/cloning photography.

    You look awesome in your outfit! I want a mannequin like yours.

  18. Skirt's a little short but i love the overall outfit and the hat!
    --Love MCat


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