25 May 2011

FOOD // om nom nom

Two beautiful food-related things I need to share... food photography has taken my fancy recently and it's quite unhealthy. I spend more time making things pretty and taking pictures of them than I do eating them.

One, this parfait. I made this with my friend Emily (hers was devoured before I could snap a photo).

How to make this exact parfait (the beautiful thing about this is every parfait is different!)...
  • 0% fat vanilla yoghurt
  • frozen raspberries (because it's cold here and fresh costs $$$)
  • frozen blackberries
  • honey nut Cheerios
  • peanut butter
I just use a water glass, it holds about 8oz. This is a good breakfast (it has protein from the peanut butter to get you going and is really quite healthy) or can be modified (potentially) for lunch.


Two, my snack yesterday. Honey for the apples, peanut butter for the carrots. I've been having a peanut-buttery kind of week.

I eat this while doing homework for two reasons.

First of all, I like to mindlessly snack while reading/writing/solving, and I needed to find something to replace chips and pretzels and popcorn. So I get some saltiness from the peanut butter, some crispness from the fruits and veggies, and some sweetness from the honey. And it's good for you.

Secondly, peanut butter makes you smarter. Yes. My math homework needs all the help it can get.



Om nom nom.

What are your favorite healthy and pretty snacks? I'm always looking for ideas.


  1. Mm, I love both of those. I think I'm going to make a parfait now...
    I'm trying to thinking IfI have any recommendations.
    Don't they say Nutella is supposed to be pretty good for you? Because it's amazing :)

  2. Healthy snacks? Well, I have this absolutely diviniely truly NON SUGAR snack bar. As in, there's nothing that has to do with sugar on the ingredients ANYWHERE. It's just insane! And my dad makes these great smoothies with fat free vanilla Greek yogurt. *sigh* So good. :D
    -Jocee <3

  3. The parfait looks good. Carrots make you smarter too. Or maybe you can see better...

  4. I've never heard of honey with apples before...but apples with peanut butter are actually really good.

    That. parfait. is. making. me. HUNGRY...

    I'm totally that person who mindlessly eats while studying. It's a good pasttime for when you're bored, lemme tell you.

  5. ever tried hummus? it's awesome. like, for reals. made out of chick peas and tahini, plus it fills you up!! try it!

  6. I'm really bad at the "health" part of a snack. {as most of my snacks are chocolate covered protein bars dipped in peanut butter} However, My healthy consists snack Cheese chunks, Doritos, strawberry's, and Apple n' peanut butter. ;)

  7. To rule out drinking soda (because its not that healthy) my family and I make 'swizzle'.
    Its this fantastic little drink you make with fruit, vinegar (yes...doesn't sound too delightful but you have to taste it to believe how good it is!) and sugar and water.

    Its really simple, half a bag of frozen fruit (raspberries are my personal favorite).

    Pour that into about a gallon pitcher and add the fruit, along with about a fourth of a cup of white vinegar and roughly 2/3 of a cup of sugar (if you want it more sweet or more tart, then just lower or raise the sugar measurement).

    Then we mash the fruit with a potato masher (so that it will mix well with the water) and to finish, add water to the pitcher and enjoy!

  8. Ehh, I suck when it comes to snacks. I never eat anything healthy, I'm addicted to Dr.P and coffee... I don't eat my meals in order, I just eat when I'm hungry. Lol But Nutella is the bomb. And I think, it's healthy?
    Those snacks look Yum-Yum. :)
    -Rachel Lynn

  9. my favorite snack/breakfast is yogurt mixed with peanut butter and granola. so good!

  10. try banana sliced down the middle and spread peanut butter on one slice and stick the other on top! Sounds gross but it is sooooo good!

  11. Rachel-Nutella is actually pretty unhealthy :o

    I love any kind of smoothie. I'm a complete smoothie addict! Same for yogurts and such. I love all kinds of healthy stuff... accept celery. Now that I can't stand.

  12. Yummy! Great snack ideas! So good, and they're healthy! I like having an apple, maybe a strawberry-banana smoothie, sunflower seeds. I love the care you put into your food, looks very nice! :)

  13. hhhmmmmm...yummy...and so super healthy!!! Great snacks doll perfect to get ready for summer body.


  14. Celery with peanut butter and raisins (aka ants on a log ;)) is one of my favorite things to nosh on...mmm.

  15. We have a Mandarin tree in our backyard, so there is mandarins in the bowl on the bench. It is Autumn here so they are ripe. :)
    Also we buy vita wheat crackers, they are so yummy.

  16. Btw that honey looks yum.
    And that parfait looks YUM!!!

  17. popcorn is actually pretty good for you, as long as it's not loaded with salt and butter. It counts as a whole grain and has lots of fiber!

  18. - Crackers with tuna salad. Yum.
    - Pineapples and mangoes are so hot right now. They taste just like candy.
    - Have you tried making your own ice-cream? Now that's an adventure. You can replace "heavy cream" with coconut milk. Surprisingly, coconut milk has enough fat content to make creamy ice cream. And its hormone free!
    - Stay away from chocolate. That's right. Put the Hershey's bar down and OUT of your sight.
    - My mom made some totally awesome sugar free, dairy free brownies in the microwave the other day. She used honey to make it sweet, and Hershey's coco to give it that devilishly good chocolate flavor.

  19. I KNEW there was a logical reason for my obsession with peanut butter! I just KNEW it!!

  20. Oooh, I have a really good healthy snack - two, actually...

    1. Fruit smoothies: 1 cup of plain yogurt + 1 cup fresh berries + 3/4-1 cup cranberry juice = really good. =)

    2. Yogurt and granola. dee-lish.

    That parfait looks great - you go girlie!

    Love and kisses,

  21. Yikes...I just posted that under my sister's account - really sorry 'bout that

  22. I love taking pictures of my food! My family laughs at me. :) Hmm..I don't really have many good, healthy, snack ideas. :/ You could also eat pretzels instead of chips. They are salty and crunchy but better for you.


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