21 May 2011

PHOTOS // rainy days

It's been raining for like a week straight here.

It's kind of getting me down.

I'm pale. Like a fish.

Because the sun hasn't shone like, at all.

So that's depressing.

I used the school treadmill during study hall yesterday because I didn't want to muddy my sneakers.

Stupid dirt. Road crew, please finish already.

^^^ not really. I just like clovers. ^^

So I found this mutant five-leaf clover yesterday. Is that good luck or bad luck?

The raindrops were covering all the plants...

And there was a trippy little glittering spider gathering up its web. It kind of hurts my eyes to look at it.

Blah. Rain.

Maybe that means the end of the world.

(It hasn't ended yet. YETTTTT. :P )


  1. I would love for some rain here. The earth is totally parched in this corner of England, which can't be right! And the few brief showers are just making it worse. So send some of that rain over here please!

  2. It's raining here, too... :D

    I found a twelve-leaf clover once. That was crazy. I think odd numbers mean bad luck, sorry :D

  3. I hear ya! Although today it looks like we MIGHT have some sun!

  4. Where do you live?? It's been raining in New York State for like a week too and I haven't had any time to take some nice picture outside!

  5. Hey So you did my Cousin, Monica Cox's blog design... Just wondering.. How did you do it??

  6. At least it's not snowing. :)

  7. I'd like rain, but instead I have to deal with heat. Thanks a lot! *hmph*


  8. It's rain non-stop here too... Right now it's sunny though :)

    Those are breathtaking photos Olivia!

  9. Its been nice here. Beach yesterday. XD I love the picture of the spider web!! =D About the end of the world, where are the earthquakes?? These people are crazy!

  10. Like everyone else, it's been raining like crazy here too. But you've taken your camera out and are discovering the beauty of the wet world ... and me, well, not so much!

  11. I certainly wish it would rain here!! It hasn't rained in like... a month. sigh. our poor garden.
    Wow a fiveleaf clover! I say you are extra lucky. :)
    Have a wonderful day! xxxx~Kelsey

  12. Oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel. It rains constantly here. It's so depressing. -__- That's why I'm excited for summer, so we can actually see the sun! xD

  13. Yep, rain non-stop. It's just awful for us Maine folks. Anyway, it's supposed to be nice tomorrow and Monday. Warm and sunny. It'll be good, except for the fact that afterwards it's going to rain for another ten days. Which means marching in the parade in the rain. Eww.....

  14. send some rain our way, pleaseandthankyou!! we're dying over here... ;)

  15. Gorgeous pictures! Haha, keyword "yet". I didn't actually hear about the world ending until today ten minutes before it was suppose to happen, lol. Well I have a life. <3

  16. It's been raining here too. But May showers bring June flowers, right? Oops...that's not how it goes...

    Lovely pictures, by the way. And cheer up those of you who thought we'd be gone by now, it's not the end of the world. *ahem*

  17. Those photographs are wonderful! I love the effect of the watered leafs.

  18. I LOVE all those photo's!!!! <3


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