31 May 2011

LIFE // warm and brown beneath the sun

Yes, my dear friend Emily stayed the night on Sunday (no school Monday thanks to glorious Memorial Day) and we went sailing on my little boat.

Actually, that's only one thing we did. FIRST we biked to Town Landing (me on the beautiful 60s yellow bike with a thermos full of ice pops in the baby seat) and walked around there for a while.
(all these photos are by both Em and I — look at the watermark — and edited by me. Em doesn't edit her photos, so see her blog later for the originals.)
lilacs braided into hair FTW.
note the amazing necklace. Uh-huh. British flag pennants... on a silver chain. My life is complete.

We came back to my house, ate summery hot dogs, and went to go see the new Pirates of the Caribbean in 3D, which was very nice. Jack Sparrow is my idol, and I now wish to become a mermaid ASAP. Rawr.

(For those of you who haven't seen the movie yet, the mermaids look like this.)

The next morning (80 degrees, totally felt like summer) we made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream frosting — an unhealthier and more delicious treat has never been invented.

At noon we went to the marina where my father works and took my little boat out for a sail. Her name is Éowyn, complete with celtic mer-horse-thing decal on the back, and she is slightly larger than a portly bathtub.

We actually were going pretty fast once we got away from the docks. I taught Emily how to sail (read: hold tiller in one hand, rope in other, hold both steady) and she captained for a bit. We landed on Macworth Island — which Google Maps tells me is 1.2 miles away, pretty decent for such a tiny boat — and walked around on the beach, tentatively dunked our heads, and got sunburnt on the rocks. We even got brave and dived off the boat a little bit offshore — and managed not to capsize, which was truly a feat.


This weather is way too beautiful for us to still be in school.

June 17 cannot come fast enough.


by the way, for video cameras:
from the beginning to 1:43 we used Em's Nikon D3100 (drool)
and from 1:43 to the end we used my Vado HD (like a Flip video camera).


  1. That looks so fun! I had an awesome weekend myself. It began with a day at the mall, then we saw Pirates of the Caribbean at the mall {it was so awesome!!!} and then we were off to the beach the next day. 'We' being my friends and I.


  2. Love, love, LOVE the photos and the video! Beautiful {as always}. ^__^

  3. this post made me so happy. I also love your videos ("what I wouldn't do" has been on replay for the past several days) -- your excursions look so perfect! and I need to try braiding lilacs in my hair. so pretty.

  4. Ohh that looks fun! (As Brooke just noted :P) On Saturday I studied for final exams, on Sunday I studied for final exams...and on MONDAY, wonderful, school-free MONDAY, my friend and I went to the park (although we got lost along the way, and walked 10 more blocks than we meant to).

    By the way, how did you make those cupcakes? They look deeeeeeeeeeeelicious.

  5. beautiful video and pictures!!

  6. Love the video, and I'm totally jealous of Emily for doing that perfect handstand ;)

  7. Did you just say that was your boat? No way. Boy, is she a cutie. I need me one of those cupcakes. *pauses* Can cupcakes be sent in the mail?

  8. Wow, that looks like lots of fun. that song! that song! I love that song. :)

    Have a lovely day, dear!

  9. Cool video! I like how you always have nice music with it. And great photos too! Love the little flowers in your braid, looks so pretty! Sounds like an awesome day! :)

  10. wow--You don't get out until the 17th?! I got out on May 11th. That really stinks for you... =/

    Loved the video too! And photos, which are always lovely!

  11. i just love. you life is pretty exciting

  12. Looks like such an amazing day :) loved all your photos and video :) those lilacs in your hair.. deff FTW!

  13. I just adore your videos. That song = love.

  14. The video looks so summery and fun! I'm jealous cause where I live summer's gonna be over soon. If only summer would never end. Sigh.

  15. i wish i had hair like yours! mine's so straight and boring...
    looks like you had fun!!
    i love your blog, it's so pretty and your posts are fantabulous
    new follower x

  16. @Megan: Snow days are evil... Still, May 11 is very early...

  17. haha! Loved the mermaids....well I actually didn't! I really just liked Syrena. She was gorgeous! I agree...when you find some potion that changes you into a mermaid call me up, ok? haha! That missionary wasn't too bad looking either eh? ;)

  18. oh yes, flowers in a braid. i die.

  19. Ooh! Luckiness for living near beaches and oceans.
    Sigh, schools out for me. :P I got out a few weeks ago... and now I'm trying to figure out what to do with my summer! Probably practice my violin and get some exercise habits started.

    You have such a cute blog. x0x0


  20. Your hair looks lovely with the lilacs! You always look like you have so much fun! I would love to go sail boating!
    Beautiful as always!
    Tessa Brooke

  21. I loved the post accept where's the video? I can't see it?

  22. haha oh nevermind I see now....

  23. wow, you don't get out of school until june 17? that's crazy! I've never heard of anything like that before.

  24. @Krysta: Ayup, that's pretty normal here in Maine. Probably because our summer doesn't actually start until early June...

  25. I Love Love Love all your pictures and the video is beautiful. Thx for sharing doll

    <3 Marina

  26. Sounds like you had lots of fun!

    JUNE 17th? Wow, that's so late!

  27. haha! I love these kinda post!
    I awarded you:


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  29. Oh, you think YOU get out late? Here in England, I'm not out of school until the 22nd of JULY. Eep.


  30. so you know at the end of Pirates when Jack leaves her on that tiny island? welllll, when I was in Puerto Rico during spring break, I totally went to that island. I have stood in the same place as Jack Sparrow!

    ....claim to fame, I suppose.

    What I Wouldn't Do has been on repeat for the past week or so. Perfect summer song.

  31. Wow, you get to be out on the 17 june??!! At my school, we dont have the holidays until the 22 july!


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