03 July 2011

sentimental heart (a guest post by abbey)

to the beach!
cardigan: vintage // swimsuit top: old navy // shorts: garage // necklaces: vintage // belt: vintage // shoes: TOMS // sunglasses: Forever 21

There's just something so sentimental about wearing vintage. Whether it's a vibrant dress belonging to your Grandmother when she was a teen, or a comfy oversized cardigan found in a local vintage shop, each piece has its very own story. Sometimes we're familiar with these stories, and sometimes they remain unknown, letting us use our imaginations to fill in the blanks. 

By shopping vintage, we can help support independent businesses while acquiring beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces & treasures. 

Vintage shopping can be a bit of a 'hit or miss', but with these tips, you'll become a vintage shopper extraordinaire in no time!

{do your research} Check online to see if there are any vintage shops in or near your town/city. Who knows? Your vintage haven just might be a couple minutes away!

{belt it} If a dress is a few sizes to big, it could be a blessing in disguise. Just tie a belt around the waist for a more casual kind of look.

{mix and match} You never need to shop for an entire vintage ensemble. Look for pieces that you think would go well with things you already have in your closet.

{approach with an open mind} If you're looking for something very specific, 'a pastel blue dress with a peter pan collar from the year 1943', for example, chances are you probably won't have the best of luck. Instead, head out with an open mind and see what catches your eye.

Happy hunting! What's your favourite thing about shopping vintage?


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Hello! I'm Abbey - an aspiring writer, photographer, and daydreamer living in the Canadian prairies. It's a pleasure to meet you! Come visit me over at The Inglenook, my little space of lovely things.


  1. i love vintage.... specially oversized sweaters!!!!!! :)

  2. I love vantage army apparel... I have a pare of vintage combat boots! I like the vintage army stuff, because it reminds me of those who have died protecting our country...
    I also like Irish vintage stuff.

  3. My favourite thing about vintage is how unique it is. I'm wearing a vintage shirt today, and I just took in the sides to make it fit me a bit better; it's so easy and it's not the kind of thing I would find in mainstream shops here.

  4. She's so lovely and love the way she describes her vintage style. I love, love vintage and she's so inspiring. Checking her out and great post doll.

    <3 Marina

  5. Great post, Abbey! :) I love these tips -- hoping to put them into practice sometime soon!

  6. love, love, love thrifting...I need to do it more often -- it's always so rewarding!

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  8. great tips for a vintage lover! i'm not keen on it myself though : )

  9. Oh. My. Goodness. I love you, Abbey! Such an awesome post. I'm going shopping when I get back from camp! *eek* Great post,girlie :))
    -Jocee <3

  10. so cute

  11. Wonderful post, Abbey! Thanks for the tips. The whole belt idea is a *really* good one too! ^_^

  12. I love vintage!! I like how she described it too! I don't think that outfit in that first picture is very appropriate, though. :P I think she could've put a different picture.

    Nice post!

    ~Miss Raquel

  13. @ Miss Raquel
    I'm afraid I'm the one to blame, if you have a problem with it — I approved it, I think it's fine. She was going to the beach, after all! :)

  14. Wonderful post Abbey! I love all things vintage and these are great tips, especially about having an open mind. Your blog is beautiful and I like your writing style! Keep it up!


  15. You just made me want to go vintage shopping -- something I've never done in my life!


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