12 August 2011

PHOTOS // fisheye, fishtail, fishbreath.

shirt: Forever XXI // jeans: DKNY // hat and shoes: thrifted // dark circles: sleeplessness

My father brought home a beautiful thing yesterday. It's a little extension for a camera lens that will either increase the zoom or — yes! — make the shot extremely fisheyed, depending on which way you screw it on. It's amazing.

And fun.

All these shots are unedited.

I went to the beach with Sally today. We went on a journey into horrorland last night and watched two movies that really didn't have a plot but were sufficiently scary nonetheless. In one of them there were trolls and in the other one the characters ended up already dead and ghostly. (Nothing with Nicole Kidman, I know what you're thinking, it's some weird indie flick whose name escapes me. The troll movie was called Inhabited.)

I saw my friend Sarah K at the beach, and we built a giant sand turtle with some helpful 4-year-olds. They seemed to be a lot more intelligent than I am currently. They gave the turtle eyebrows and ears, so it can listen to its mommy. I built a baby turtle and some eggs. Sally made a tail.

No photos, because we were dumb for most of it and lacked a camera. And also because my phone is not being friendly.

But anyway, beachness made us salty and brain dead and it took forever to unwind my salt-caked fishtail braid.

And now my water glass smells fishy. I'm blaming the cats. Because people-water is much better than cat-water.

Time for a bath and some pampering and some sleep.

PS: Sorry I was all MIA for a few days. My cerebral functions have been compromised and I've spent the last few days in a somewhat vegetative state.

listening to: Throwing Fire by Ronald Jenkees


  1. I love your outfit! were did you get yur belt?

  2. I think it came on some pants that belonged to my godmother's 7-year-old son. So I don't know. ;)

  3. Unless you mean the big colorful one? My grandmother made that one.

  4. i love your outfits olivia:)

  5. Love, love, LOVE your outfit! How exactly do you do a fishtail braid? I haven't ever really gotten how people do it. :/

  6. Lovely pictures :) Love your outfit xo

  7. Too cute!! And I LOVE the lens extension thing! And it just so happens that I've been having a fishtail braid craze lately. No joke. I'm wearing my hair in a fishtail/hippie/boho style that I'm sure you would totally fall in love with.
    And lucky Sally!! I wish I could've gone to the beach with you.
    Great post, Olivia :))
    -Jocee <3

  8. great outfit, as per usual. and i loooove the photos:)

  9. Love the new lenses! So awesome :)

  10. Eeep! That outfit is gorgeousity.
    And that new lens? -- that's gorgeousity, too.
    Have a gorgeousity day!
    P.S. Yup -- you guessed it -- gorgeousity is pretty much my new word.

  11. LOVE your outfit!

  12. Love your outfit! And your lens is fantastic!

  13. Sorry if this is a personal question but how many clothes do you have? Tops, jeans, etc. I don't know if what I have is a lot compared to others. Thanks :]

  14. Love the outfit! I've noticed that you wear a lot of flare jeans and not much skinny jeans. Just an observation... :)

  15. Nice pics! Sounds like a neat extension! And awesome outfit! :)

  16. I don't think you're even trying to be funny and you still crack me up.

    Cool outfit, and cool camera lens extension thing! ;P

    Alssoooo, I just got back from vacation, and we visited Maine for a couple days. It reminded me of you. Somehow Maine looked exactly it should, even though I didn't really have any expectations going in the first place.

  17. @Ann: Hmm, I'm not sure. I have about four pairs of jeans in various styles, about five or so dresses, several skirts, ten or so sweaters, and probably a couple dozen tops. I tend to layer different things but I guess I do have a lot of clothes!

    @Hazelnut: I have two pairs of skinnies and two flares. But if you look in the magazines right now there's more of a 70s vibe, so I've been seeing more flares in stores and buying them. Until this summer I've been all skinnies all the time, but I do love flares.

  18. You are just so pretty, Olivia. No wonder you do some modeling. I love your outfit in the first picture.

  19. ohmygoodness, give me your entire wardrobe. now.


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