02 September 2011

LIFE // I need your help! Everyone!

If you have a Facebook account, I need you to give me a hand.

Do you love me?



Go to this link. Like the page.

Then go to Photos. My picture is in the middle of the page to the far left. I have a cheesy grin and flowers in my hair.

Like that photo. And that's it! All done.

If I win this, I'll be part of Blogger's Wardrobe — free designer clothes and huge bragging rights. (I'm thinking some major giveaways...!) You guys already got me past the first stage, so I know we can win this!

Thank you so much, lovely people. I'll be badgering you for the next fourteen days, and then we find out who won. Eep.

Much love to all... and thank you thank you thank you for making the blog so great!

Olivia (who is now late for school...)

PS: If you love me LOTS you could even post it on your own Facebook. Or Twitter. Or blog. Or whatever means of communication you wish. Because you are fantastic human beings, yes? Who really want me to win?

UPDATE: 24 hours later I'm in the Top 10 — you guys rock! (Top 9 actually.) I don't know how many people will make it into the Wardrobe but please keep voting, oh people who have not yet voted. I love you.


  1. donee!! :) I hope you win!

  2. oh! would love to like you! i would totally do it, but i don't have facebook now. maybe i'll get it just for you then like you, k?

  3. i wish i could vote but i don't have a Facebook:(
    hope you win though!

  4. nice blog!

    wanna join the BUMBLE AND BUMBLE (the model's American hair product brand) GIVEAWAY on my blog? click here: http://allegrabj.blogspot.com/2011/09/join-giveaway.html

  5. That's so exciting, girl! Hoping you'll win!

  6. boo hiss. i don't have FB so I can't like your photo...but i totes would if i could! can't wait to see if you win, though.

  7. *wishes so much for a facebook right now* You're one of the most fashionable fashionistas on blogger that I know. If you don't win, I will be in shock. would totally help if I could! :P

  8. I voted for you my dear! :] Good luck! <3


  9. I voted. The picture was gorgeous! Good luck!

  10. good luck! (i voted yesterday, by the way)

  11. Hey, Olivia (:
    I voted for your picture and posted the link with information on my FaceBook. I hope you win!

    Good luck!

  12. I voted for you Olivia!

    Hope you win!

  13. i'm praying and hoping you win! you totally deserve to win!!!!!!!!! totally!


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