06 January 2012

FASHION // snow white skin ebony hair lips as red as blood

snow white // xandria

Sooooo two very exciting things about this outfit. I must say, it's one of my favorites in a while.

One, how amazing are these shoes?! They came yesterday. They make me like literally 6ft.

Two, I made a skirt. My first-ever piece of real, wearable clothing! I didn't have a pattern or anything, I just sort of went for it, and it turned out pretty good. I used linen.

I realized I kinda love the whole super pale / dark lips and hair / dark circles around eyes look.
It feeds my obsession with Russia and Grimm's fairy tales at the same time.
And it's good because I have very pale skin, dark features, and am always tired.

(By the way, have you ever actually read the original Grimm stories? I have a book of them, and I grew up on them — not the kid/disney versions — and they are damn dark. Everyone dies and gets eaten and cursed. Snow White and Rose Red was always one of my favorites.)

PS: new look. good or no? I had only portrait shots to work with, so I kept reflecting it againandagainandagain until it got long and skinny enough. Then I drew a little banner and scanned it in.


  1. I love your outfit and YOUR SHOES ARE AMAZING.

  2. those are some shoes! love the outfit, and the skirt -- how creative! you have an insanely awesome backdrop -- a road and snow. suh-weet!

  3. those shoes are freakin' AMAZING!
    total love!

  4. I envy your shoes, tights, jacket, and basically everything else.
    Unfortunately, I was raised on the Disney versions of fairy tales. I did, however, eventually figure out about the originals. Shudder.

  5. I really love that outfit! So pretty! Even the wedge shoes.
    Will you make me a skirt like that? Very cute!

    Oh, and yes, I have read the original Grimm stories. Dark, gruesome, but they do have morals.

  6. I absolutely love Grimm's fairytales. I think originally they were meant to scare the crap out of children/teach them morals. I love them!!!!

  7. first thing i said when i saw this post: "that is the coolest blog design ever. so clever." second thing: -insert really high pitched excited girly voice here- ooh i love your skirt!
    it's true. i'm oh so jealous.
    also, that pose in the third photo is priceless. go 'head with your bad self! :))
    -jocee <3

  8. Your shoes are amazing I wish I had them because I'm so short :)
    Have you ever seen the movie The Brothers Grimm? It's really good!

  9. one of my favorites of your outfits in awhile, too! lovelovelove. those shoes are spectacular, and the skirt is darling.


    And I LOOOOOVE the new look! <3 Seriously. (:

  11. Love the shoes! If only I wasn't so self conscious being 6ft. Ah well. Your look= <3. And the design is gorgeous, dear.

  12. you should be a model, Olivia. the shoes are unique, and I'm afraid I would look awful in them. I'm already almost six feet tall. I'd feel like a giant.

    the new design is one of the bests yet, but you should put a background. ;) just sayin'.

  13. absolutely love everything!! the banner,
    the hair, lips, coat, shoes, skirt, backdrop - you look gorgeous :)

  14. Gorgeous! :) Love the look and those shoes!

  15. kajhglkjhgkdjs I love it
    bless this post

  16. This has to be my favorite look of yours so far! Love the shoes, skirt, coat, headband - everything! And you look stunning too! You totally rock the blood-red lips look. :)

  17. @Hazelnut: I'm actually not wearing any lipstick here, that's just what my lips look like! The last photo's color is boosted a bit, but the others are just the color of my lips.

  18. Love this! Those shoes are brilliant. Are you a Jeffrey Campbell fan? Also, before I read your bit about making the skirt, I was like "Ooh, cute skirt!" So, bravo! <3

  19. I LOVE those shoes - where did you get them?! I love the floral print.

    I naturally am like you - porcelain skin, dark hair/eyes, so I feel like I'm always rockin that look lol! You look great :) And I love the photos and new banner.

    The original Grimm's tales are so awesome. For one of my illustration classes in grad school we're working on a project of the Baba Yaga (the witch) character in classic fairytales and lore. It's super cool, and I'm gonna post my thumbnails on my blog tomorrow or Monday, probably, if you'd wanna check em out! It's gonna be super dark ;) I'm excited.

  20. I am in love with your new design! So pretty <3 And YOU are so pretty! I love your outfit, and your hair & makeup :) It really suits you!
    -charlotte <3

  21. You are so beautiful! Those shoes are extreme. And what a pretty skirt♥


  22. I love that skirt. Love it!!!

  23. Great job on the skirt! Very very cute.:)

  24. Love the shoes. Sadly, I don't think that I could ever pull anything off like that, let alone walk in them.

    And for videos...can you do a closet tour? Since your wardrobe has changed so much since your last video, I would love an updated one!

    I hope you don't mind me asking...but where did you get your coat? I looked through the post for something that said, but didn't see one.


  25. Love love love!!!!!! I have really pale skin and moderatly dark hair. But my eyes aren't dark they change colour from blue to grey to green. So yeah. Adn I heart the original Grimms fairytales soooo much!!!!! Who wouldn't? Darkness, witches, evil, murder. Bah ha hah! I love it!

  26. So lovely! Those shoes are killer. Followed. :)

  27. Love ur looks! My favorite is the dark stuff with a light background like snow.

  28. Did you edit these photos? Because the third one down is pretty spectacular!

    Also, the new look is fantastic -- as with the shoes. :)


  29. love the new shoes i wish i could pull off heels

  30. true grimm fairy tales and those shoes and sewing your own clothes--just when I thought this couldn't get awesomer.
    p.s. I am extremely jealous of your snowy background

  31. @Megan: It's fron Forever 21, about two years ago or so. It's actually really nice heavy wool.

    @Emma: Yep, I use Photoshop CS5.

  32. this outfit is gorgeous, olivia! you made the skirt? it's lovely. and those shoes are pretty cool : )
    the new design is really nice! i ♥ it!

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  34. I love the new header! It amazing! I have no talent with computers whatsoever. Pretty ironic because I'm on the computer A LOT. :I

  35. Holy cow- those shoes are a little AWESOME! Love them so much!

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