01 April 2012

LIFE // FASHION // landed in a very common crisis

fluorescent adolescent // arctic monkeys
^these guys were amazing in concert btw. lead singer? so sexy. ^

So I broke up with the boyfriend — will have to find some other way to wear the fantastic prom dress, I suppose — and my friend Lily (you remember gorgeous Lily) decided that a photoshoot was the best way to make me feel better.
So I cut up a sheet and rolled around in the dirt — literally — and then we took photos.
It worked.


lily's walking stick

isn't her hair just fantastic?

i just had to, she makes such a pretty skeleton

i just like the word

possessed lily is possessed

and possessed olivia is also possessed


ps: happy april fool's day!
it's my father's birthday today, too
basically all i've done is lay in bed on tumblr, but i did convince one of my friends that i was pregnant
it was hilarious


  1. Sorry to her about you and your boyfriend. These photos are lovely though! :)

  2. you're the coolest cat around olivia. oh, and i am like reblogging every single one of your posts on tumblr, i hope you don't mind. ;)

  3. I love the pictures, the effects are fantastic! :)

  4. wait, so is the 'broke up with boyfriend' thing an april fools joke, or is it real?? :/

    wow, didn't you die your hair black a while ago? i love it!! :)
    also, i love your eye makeup. so pretty!


  5. these remind me of hunger games... :) I love the edits!

  6. So wait... was this ALL an april fool's joke? Or do you really think Alex Turner is sexy and that they are fantastic in concert? Well if you were being truthful I must say I agree. I obsess over him. There's quite the tumblr fan base about him. It's great :) I love these pictures, by the way! And if the boyfriend thing is true, I'm really sorry about that :(
    -charlotte <3

  7. oh, god, hahaha, no it's all true

  8. that header? i don't think your designs can get any better. of course, they will, once you redesign again. gah. i just love you.
    -jocee <3
    {pea ess: doesn't she make such a pretty skeleton?}

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  10. Sorry about your breakup! :'( And right before prom, too. But all these photos are amazing... I totally want to be you if I ever grow up. XD

  11. You should go to prom with some friends 😊, and sorry about your breakup😞

  12. Reminds me of The Hunger Games.
    :) Awesome.
    Sorry about your breakup...wait, are you saying that because it's April fool's day and you didn't breakup with him??


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