03 July 2012

so there's this

(important stuff)
(no seriously)

Okay so my camera just decided to break... also those of you who follow me on tumblr will know my laptop is also broken and currently has to be hooked to an external monitor to be used, and the repairs are about $250 on each (my weekly paycheck is like $50-75 so that's not too great), and I still have to pay for driver's ed/a car/clothes/regular living things... so... yes not too good. Also I moved my regular desk away to make room for my art desk, so i currently have to sit on the floor to use the computer and it's really awful actually.

And I'm busy as anything, what with work and boy and a lot more art and summer work for school (I KNOW RIGHT)...

So basically, what I'm trying to say, is I think I might stop posting. Maybe for a bit, maybe for a year... I just sort of wanted input on this... So speak to me?

Sorry for the scattered boring post. Here's a picture of David Tennant and I being sonic screwdriver buddies.
shirt, vintage/hat, boyfriend's (AND HE HIS NEVER GETTING IT BACK)


  1. PLEASE don't stop posting!!! We don't care if they're not as often...just don't stop. Your blog is the best.

  2. It'd be really sad if you stopped posting, seeing as you're one of the awesomest people on the web, but i think if you're super busy then it would take off some stress and stuff. :)

  3. this is me speaking to you and saying DO NOT STOP POSTING! i don't care if you can't post as much or whatever, i'd be so sad if you stopped posting altogether x

  4. I will cry if you stop blogging for a year. Because your blog is the BEST BLOG EVER. Like seriously. But if you're super busy, go for it. ;)

  5. I'd be sad, since I've been following since you restarted blogging, but I would understand. I mean, I'd much prefer that you stay, but if life gets in the way, there's not much you can do about that.

  6. I for one would hate if you stopped posting altogether! But, at the end of the day its your blog for YOU. YOU first then us readers. Not the other way round.
    Shoot for the stars, follow your heart. Do what seems most important to you in your life.

  7. Please don't stop posting altogether! We don't know each other, and we live on opposite sides of the globe, but reading your blog can be the most inspiring part of my week :) inspiring me to create, express, and aspire. Take time to look after u, and I hope you can still find time to share and connect with us when u can, though maybe less often x

  8. I'm surprised there isn't an app for that.
    xoxo Steve Jobs

  9. Aw sucks about your camera. It will be sad if you stop posting, but if you feel you need to, its okay. I took a break from my old blog and let me tell you, it was refreshing. I am thinking of starting up again next summer if I have the time.

    I know everyone on here is screamig "NO!!!" snd that can be a lot of pressure, but if you really want to quit we will understand and its okay. Just do what you want to and feel you have time for.

    And if you do decide to quit, can you sill ocasionally post life updates on tumblr? i love your tumblr pics.


  10. Your blog has been my favorite for almost two years now! I understand that lives get busy and things happen so if you think you need to stop posting for a year do it. It's your blog. But still I love reading your posts. Maybe you could just do a post a month like a monthly update or something... ?
    If you stopped posting I would seriously miss your blog but its also your life and you have more important things to do than keep a blog updated.

  11. Don't feel as if we're dragging you or guilt-tripping you into staying. If you want to quit, go ahead. If you feel as though you need a break from blogging, go ahead.

    And guys, don't go shouting at Olivia in caps lock. Don't say you'll cry, because okay, we'll all miss Olivia (you're an awesome individual, chick, don't ever forget that), but will you honestly shed tears if Olivia decides, under perfectly understandable circumstances, to close down her blog? Don't add to her burden by making her think "oh my god they'll start crying oh my god i must continue but i can't oh my god".

    Do what you think is right, chick. At the end of the day, you'll always be Olivia and we'll welcome you back should you ever return to us.

  12. Olivia,

    YOU MUST NOT STOP BLOGGING!!!!!!! Please don't. I've been following you since like forever, and would really really really miss your posts!! Please, even if you hardly post at all, its ok. At least we'd still be getting posts from you!! :/


  13. I know I'd miss your blog, but do whatever you feel is best. Ultimately, blogging is for YOU and if you post just because WE want you to and not because YOU want to, your content wouldn't be as good and you probably wouldn't enjoy it.

  14. um, i wouldn't mind if you stopped blogging. i mean, you rarely post, so it wouldn't be that much different anyways...so yeah, do whatever you want, just don't make us fellow bloggers make the decision for you. it's your choice, not ours.

  15. don't stop posting! you can post infrequently, but i always look forward to your posts...maybe sketchbook updates here and there ;)

  16. i love your blog, but, like kinga and everyone else said, blogging is for the author, not the followers. i wish there was a way to balance everything in life! :)

    1. PS -- love the pic. my brother has a matt smith screwdriver :)

  17. Aww, I really love reading your blog but I totally get how busy you are. We honestly don't mind if you only have time to post once a month even... but good luck, whatevs you decide to do

  18. Love David Tennant! ;) lol but I also wish that you wouldn't stop posting. I'm a new subscriber and all, but I find your posts entertaining and would hate to see your blog just sit and go to waste! :( Hopefully all the repairs you need on your camera/computer can get done soon so as to make things convenient for you again! :)


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