29 June 2010

And the Winner Is...

Okay everyone, sorry for the delay — I've been unable to get on the computer this week, unfortunately.

Now, I got many requests for the winner of the Former Glory contest...

Remember, the winner will receive a full, custom blog makeover.


Caroline, please turn on comment moderation on one of your blogs so I can give you the URL to our private discussion blog. And be sure to let me know which blog! :)

Congratulations! Everyone please go check out Caroline's blogs here.

{Updates on my adventures this week coming right up...}


  1. Whoa! I actually won? Wow. Thanks so much, Olive Tree!!

  2. And my main blog is A Writer's Life For Me, just thought I'd make that clear:). I think I better stop commenting now...

  3. Oh, right, which blog...can I get back to you on that later today?:D I still have to decide:). And comment moderation is on on my main blog.

  4. Congrats, Caroline! Olive does BEAUTIFUL work and I know you'll love whatever she does.

  5. GO Caroline!!!!!!!!! I'm thrilled!

  6. oohhh that's so cool!! congrats to her! :D

    Animated Confessions

  7. CONGRATS! That's AWESOME! Only 7 away, too! :-)

  8. Wow Caroline! I'm soo jealous! But also happy for you!

  9. Congratulations Caroline! Your blogs must be wonderful to have won this contest- I'll check them out immediately! :D Ooooooo I'm actually really jealous right now, because I love Olive Tree's blog designs! Olive when you have another contest I am FOR SURE entering! :)


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