21 June 2010


Today was our last day of school. Yes. I just got off the bus for the last time until September. *takes a deep  breath*

So I was thinking about how I could make this post better than "yay I'm out of school now", which is basically all it is. So here are a few thinks I plan to do a LOT of this summer...



(more on that awesome film camera soon!)


(on God, on life, on everything)

Spend time with friends.
(hey, look, it's me and Elránia!)

But most of all, just have fun!
(my dear cousins)

Have a lovely summer, readers!


  1. congrats on getting out of school! :)

  2. I love your blog! its sooooooooo beautiful! You should dcheck out mine!

  3. Congrats! I hope you get to do all you want to and more! Great pics.


  4. Sounds like a sweet summer, Livvie dear! Make sure to keep us updated! <3

  5. Seems to me like a good summer list you have going there:). How about we add another thing--announce the winners of the contest?XD

  6. Congrats, on school being out...looks like your summer is going to be AMAZING! I know my has been so far...

  7. Congratulations! I got out of school on the 18th...not to far from your last day!

    Have fun this summer--I have a feeling it's going to be the best one yet! :D

  8. I wish I could meet You, Cornet and Elrania in person!! You guys look like SO much fun!! I wonder if we ever will... :) I hope I don't sound like I'm stalking you. Cuz I am SO not!!!

  9. OMGSH!! YOU READ REDWALL AND HARRY POTTER?!?!!??!!!! U ARE SO COOL!!!! PS: If you like Redwall, you'll love Urchin Of The Riding Stars. I'm on The Heir Of Mistmantle now.
    Their by M.I.

  10. Great list of things to do! :)

    Nice books on that shelf! Although, the Spellbook of Listen Taylor is strange . . . very. Not bad, just very, very random and occasionally it made me go "She did WHAT?". :P

  11. Woah! Your school gets out late, but then again, your next school year starts late. Currently I am in SUMMER school at my high school.

    I know, yay.. :(

    Sounds like a productive summer!

    Lauren Anne

  12. Hope you have fun! I don't get out of school until the 30th unfortunately. :) I have the book "Paint the Wind" too. lol

  13. Awesome! My school ends on July 2nd... it's an International school. Congrats!

    Swirly Girlyxxx

  14. Loved the pics! Oh, and on a related note, because of my belief difference, I'll reflect on... my dog Pugsly!!! lol

    Have a great summer!


  15. My last day is tomorrow! I can't wait, and I think your summer sounds awesome! I just got 17 books from the library-- my summer reading is looking up!


  16. Fun, fun, fun! Those pictures are adorable!! :D

  17. awesomeness! I plan to do a lot too!

  18. Oh, and did you find an iPod?


  19. You like Redwall too? They're like my fav books! And I agree with Horselover, you'd LOVE Mistmantle.....

    Cornelia Funke's books are great too! I see you have the theif lord!
    the Inkheart books are good too, but the last one isn't as great.

    Little Women is good too =)

    Happy reading!!! ♥

  20. Oh, and have you read the Warrio Cat Book? they're great! And the Eragon books are AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Literallly MOMENTS ago I got home, from my LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! I'm so happy!!!

  22. OMG congrats on ending school!! :) Isn't summer just great?! And P.S. I looooove the Redwall series, and have read almost all of the books in that series! :) Go Matthias, hahah :) Sorry, I'm a bit hyper. Anyways, your blog is awesome!! And on the Meet Exta post, I asked if you were ever going to make a post on how to craft your own bow and arrow? That would be sooo cool, 'cuz I really want to know how to make one. Thank you Olive Tree!! :)


  23. that's so awesome!!! congrats on finishing school!! hope you have a wonderful vacation ahead! :D

    Animated Confessions

  24. Wicked! That's awesome! I feel bad that u got out this late though. I got out on the 17th! Also, I'm following! This blog rocks!

  25. Hi,
    I awarded you!!!! (have fun)

  26. Have a good summer and just wondering when u r posting former glory contest winner. I really wanna win! EEP! so excited!

  27. i'm so glad you back! keep on taking beautiful pictures! <3

  28. i love your list and pictures of goals to do for summer! i would like to accomplish the same. praise God for you!

  29. Hey Olive Tree,
    I love those pics! Where'd you learn to take pictures like that? They are amazing!
    Hey, Do you remember Mountain Chick? Well, thats me...I have completly changed my blogging ways and have my own creative ideas.
    I hope we can start over!



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