20 July 2010

Blogger Discovered: Katherine

Hello all -
Remember that "Featured Blogger" thing? Well, I decided to do something a little less conventional. Instead of having a well-known blogger be interviewed, I'm picking one who remains "undiscovered"... aka, has less than 100 followers on their main blog, but who I think could make it big-time.
Before you start requesting to be interviewed: don't. Askers won't even be considered! It's a surprise who gets picked. Chances are that if I follow you and you follow me, you are more likely to get picked because I'll know who you are. :)

Now. Today's Blogger Discovered is the lovely Katharine from Memory Catcher. Right now she only has 62 Followers; let's try to get her to at least 100!

I found Kat's blog about a week ago... I was drawn in by her stunning photographs. Can you believe she's only sixteen? I fell in love with her crisp, simple style and clicked the "Follow" button straight away.
I picked Katharine to be our first interviewee because I think her blog could be hugely successful. As a photographer I am in awe of her talent.
Enjoy the interview!

1. When and why did you start blogging?
November of 2009 because originally i wrote a piece of writing for a good friend of mine, and she suggested that i post it online. When i did, i started looking through other blogs and that sort of sparked the whole love for photography and beautiful pictures. That was when is started blogging photos I was taking.

2. Who or what inspires you?
Firstly, Sheye Rosemeyer. Her pictures and story were my gateway to 'getting into' photography. Other than that my good friends who never fail to think of something extraordinary, lovely music and the rain. Funny, but something about it urges me to be productive and inspired.

3. What do you think is your personal skill?
Thats a tough one. Hmm..Not sure if this is one, but i can act confident..even when I'm not, which is important when it comes to what I am doing because i can loose that important confidence easily but have the ability to pick back up and act confident.

4. What visions do you have for your blog in the future?
I'd love for more people to check it out, and for it to continue the way it is. I love looking back on my old posts and seeing improvements. So basically, just to keep learning. 

5. Describe yourself. What are your interests etc?
I am literally just like any other sixteen year old girl, except i have an abnormally large camera and photography happens to be my utter obsession. It's funny because someone once said you know you love something when you work it into many conversations you have with people...and that's what i do! Aside from it however, i love just to hang out with my friends, go for coffee, read good books, listen to good music and travel. Unfortunately that last one doesn't happen as much as i would like.

6. What do you want your readers to get from your blog?
Inspiration. I look up to so many photographers, and i think that it would be amazing to one day inspire people like others have done for me. 

Thanks for the lovely interview, Katharine!
Please take the button below. You can put it on your blog. It will link to this interview.
Everyone else, head on over and Follow this lovely lady! 100 Followers is our goal, remember.


  1. ooh I started to follow her a while ago and I fell in love! Her photos are amazing!!

  2. Lovely pictures, Katherine! I'll be sure to follow :)

  3. Thats A really cool Feature to start off with! Looking forward to see what unique people you choose next!


  4. Neat idea, OT. And I love your button...great job on that.

    Katherine, those pictures are amazing. Wow. I think I like the first and third best....a pure work of art. Stopping bye!

    In His Arms,

  5. I've been following Katherine's blog forever, and oh, my goodness, I know! Her photography is simply beautiful. I'm always in awe when I look at it. It's completely amazing--and she's such a sweet, unique, funky gal!

    Love you!

  6. Wow! What wonderful photography! I am going to definitely check out her blog!

  7. I haven't heard of Katharine before but I'll follow her-no doubt-today!


  8. I've been following Katherine's blog for a long time, but every time she posted, I know there are going to be come amazing photos!

  9. What a fun and encouraging idea, Olive Tree! It's such a nice idea to feature "less known" bloggers so they can get more followers. :)

    I've been following Katherine for a while now, and I agree - her photos are always stunning!


    PS. In answer to your question on my blog, I'm going to college for music. My major is piano pedagogy, which is basically preparing me to teach piano from my home. :D

  10. Ooh! I'm going to go follow... Her photo's are awesome! :)

    I love the button/banner you made for this, Olve Tree! It's gorgeous! :)


  11. That's a really neat idea, to highlight "yet to be found bloggers"!
    Katharine is an incredible photographer! I've seen her blog before and her pictures are so neat!

    Oh, I tagged you :)


  12. Thank-you so much again for this :)

    I loved answering the questions.

    Great blog you have going on, and i grabbed the button and of course will be sure to link people to this page.

    Happy Wednesday...keep in touch :)

    K xx

  13. Oh, she is so incredible!


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