18 July 2010

Etsy Excitement!

Hello all
Just a really quick little post to share my excitement: go to Etsy.com. Click on the link that says "Picked By gabrijoy". Look in the bottom row. Look in the bottom row. See it? Yay! (It may or may not on the "real" front page, as the display rotates.)
This is at least the second time one of my photos has made it to the front page. I anticipate my first sale (well, I did a sale for graphic design, but that's different) pretty soon now, since I lowered my prices to $20.
So... take a look!
(For the lazy: here is the direct link to the photo.)

PS- Do you remember this pic from this post?


  1. Thats awesome!

    I love that picture...

  2. Thats really awesome Olive Tree! I hope you get an official sale soon! And that picture is so cool!


  3. So exciting, sweet friend! :-)

  4. That's so exciting! I completely love the picture... and yes, I sure do remember that post! ;)

  5. Sweet! I hoped that if I won your contest I could win one of your photos. Though I wouldn't be able to choose between Skybird, Together, Faithful (my dog looks just like that one), or Pour!

  6. Or Wasted Beauty. Or Little Green. Grr, why do you have to be so good!

  7. Yay! That is so neat! Thanks for the link for the "lazy". lol. :) I love that picture!


  8. Thats amazing news! And thanks for the comment on my blog...no i don't sell prints but i'd like to know how/where to do it, if you could tell me!? Would people buy them!!? Hhaah, i need help with it.

    Thanks again, have a wonderful day/night

    K xx

  9. I'm so happy for you!!! It's so exciting when your work sells. :)

    I have a quick question for you: I'm going on vacation from the 27 to August 7 and wondered if you'd be interested in guest posting? I have one more slot to fill. :) But if you can't b/c of time, or something I understand.

    If you are interested you can shoot me an email and I'll get a date down for you. :)

    Awel P.

  10. Katharine: check your email. :)
    Awel: I would totally love to! Emailing you now.

  11. That's awesome Olive Tree! I love that picture!

  12. Great job! I can see that your excited ;)

  13. Oh, and on the picture Sky Bird, I think you spelled HorseFeathers wrong :)

  14. Whoops, you're right! That was before I made a brush for it. Thanks. :)

  15. Cool! Congrats!

    (I love your photography, by the way)

  16. I love that you opened an etsy shop for your photography, art, and jewelry. Your photos are always lovely. And so are you :)


  17. That picture makes me feel happy inside!

  18. Oh yeah! you took that when we went to the beach right?


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