02 July 2010

A Day at the Beach

This is a bit of a belated post, but I'll share anyways:

Last week I spent the night at the Cornet Crazie's house. We had fun in the woods... (That's CC herself, btw, with her dinky little camera, haha)

...and went to her brother's baseball game...

We watched Avatar and got to bed pretty late. The following morning, her mother graciously took us to the beach.
These following pictures, though they carry my watermark and were edited by yours truly, were actually taken by CC's mom. Thanks, Mrs. CC!

We made the best. sandcastle. ever... (I'm the one in the striped bikini and wicked cool sunglasses, haha)

Tanned for a bit... (I had, of course, my camera and was ever-restless, so took this) {this pic is by me}

Experienced some violent boogie-boarding (my stomach STILL has little red patches on it)...

(you can just see us saying: let's do that again!)

We sat on our towels for a while, buried each other in sand, boogie-boarded some more (I was cursing myself for not bringing my surfboard!) and then left. But not before I could snap one last picture, my favorite:

Anyway, CC is gone at camp for now but will be back soon. Ciao!


  1. Looks like so much fun! I love the picture of you laughing...you're so gorgeous. :-)

  2. I wish I was back at the beach! It looks like you had an outstanding time.
    Love your bikini, and sweet shades! :)

  3. Wow--looks like it was some day there! I'm sure it was filled with tons of laughter and fun. ^^

    The editing is gorgeous! I love the 7th picture of you and CC...the color adds a touch of vintage to it. ;)

    {Both of you are so pretty!}

  4. Again, I think we are all jealous of your good looks ;)

    But other than that, I really like the one of the boy (I think it's CC's brother?) on the pitching mound. It's very intense and he is rocking those shades! (So are you, BTW)


  5. Wow! It sure looks like you guys had fun! :) The pictures are great, and the editing was done well! :)
    Oh yeah, sorry for advertising on here, I didn't know I couldn't, but I won't do it again. Promise. (But maybe could you just..... follow it? You don't have to though..) :)

  6. That looked like fun! Boy, I want to go to the beach soon. I just hope the oil doesn't wash away our fun.


  7. That looks like fun! (I'm still jealous of how pretty you are...) I'm going camping on the beach this weekend... Sadly it is not really water you can swim in... But try telling my friend that LOL! Last year I took her and she stayed in for 1/2 and hour, then was so cold she wouldn't leave our BOILING hot tent, for 3 hours... And she put on her pajamas... I was slightly worried...

  8. Oh, how fun! The pictures are gorgeous, as usual. Thanks for sharing, Olive! :-)

  9. I agree with Hannah! I love the picture of you laughing, as well! Oh yeah, love the shades!! ;)

  10. That sounds really fun! I live in Texas and haven't been to Florida in three years. :( LOL

  11. MadiShae, I don't live in Florida (was that what you thought?), I live in New England, haha. The water, though it looks pretty, was actually quite cold.

  12. No kidding. I live in Washington... Pacific Ocean and all other bodies of water are C.O.L.D. And extremely so... :( I like swimming in it though!

  13. Never tried boogie boarding, but it looks like fun! Great pics too, glad you had fun!

  14. Amazing pictures, Olive Tree! {nothing new about that}. You and CC are both so pretty! I love the ones of you two boogie boarding and the color of the water is just gorgeous. Ooo, you live on the east coast? I do, too, though I'm in the south, not New England:)

  15. It looks like you had a lot of fun! Your are so pretty!

  16. Oh, I LOVE boogie-boarding! My brother and I will spend all of our time just riding waves (I liked to ride them out and then get sucked back in. Kind of hurts, though. =)

  17. I just came back from the beach and boogie-boarding... or, actually, boogie-boarding fails. Still fun! When you take pictures of you and CC in the water, is someone taking them for you? Or do you set up a timer?

  18. p.s. I'm glad you're posting pictures of yourself now, you're so beautiful! :)

  19. Oliva! (yes, I still remember when you told me your name so long ago...),
    You're back! I randomly went to someone's blog and saw your button I almost screamed!!!!!!! I'm smiling form ear to ear right now!!! I can't believe it!!! I'm SOOOO glad you're back! I love your blog, it's so awesome and I've missed you so much!

    You rock,


  20. Hey girl! Thanks for following my blog, I'm following your blog now and love it! All your pictures are amazing. :)
    Thanks again,

  21. LOL cool! Where I live in England there is a beach nearby, so pics coming soon on Forever Photography! Don't you just love the smell of the salty water and the feeling of sand under your toes?

  22. I found it! Olive Tree, check out this site. SHE IS MY SISTER!!! Isn't it AWESOME!??!


  23. a) SWIRLY GIRL YOU LIVE IN ENGLAND?!?!?! jealous....

    b) Olive Tree I live in New England too (*virtual high-five*), but I haven't gone to the beach yet, though I have gone to a local resivoir.

  24. Hello, Olive Tree! I'm just here letting you know you won an award on the newest post of my blog! Feel free to take it!

    [Laurea] at Center Stage


    (P.S. I hope putting my blog URL doesn't count as advertising :) )

  25. I love all of the photos that you published! We wented boarding like that and I had red marks on my stomach and arms, and they hurt! lol!

    I can't wait to read more of your blog because I am new to it. I am following you and I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.


  26. ooh I love the pics of you and your friend boogie boarding! I agree with Hannah, you are gorgeous =)



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