01 July 2010

Olive Tree Goes Etsy

Yes, that's right — Olive Tree's arts and crafts is now available on Etsy. My shop is called HorseFeathers Design. I only started yesterday and have a mere two three items up (one original artwork and two beaded necklaces) but hope to grow at an alarming rate. I'm selling jewelry, original artwork, and photographs.

You can visit my shop by clicking the button in my sidebar or the banner below:

Here's some photographs of what I'm selling so far.

If you have an Etsy, please add me to your favorites!

And while you're at it, check out this shop too. Simply Luscious is a body product business my good friend Samantha runs. Her stuff is pure magic, and I'm not just saying that... the hand salve (not up yet) makes your hands oh-so-soft, and the lip balm takes care of chapped lips for the whole day.



  1. Hey Olive Tree! I'm SO glad you're back!

    Thanks! I'm going to go check out your Etsy shop right now! :)

    love in Christ,

  2. that's very cool. i'll certainly go visit!

  3. Thanks!

    Another necklace was just added, too. :)

  4. Lovely shop, Liv! How exciting! :-)

  5. Congrats on getting your own Etsy! That necklace is so adorable...I'm going to check out your shop right now ^^

  6. Gorgeous! I'd wear that necklace every day for the rest of my life if I had it! Not just saying that. :D The drawing is lovely, too!

  7. I want to buy that necklace!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd love to have something from you. My sis has a Etsy site! Let me look up the address while I'm checking out yours...I can't find it. But I LOVE your stuff! i'm putting your Estsy on my Favs. My sis does incredible stuff! I'm goign to ask my mom what it is and then I'll give you the link.

    -Dog Lover/Dog Trainer In Training.

    (I need some help with my blog. The thing where you would click to post a picture isn't there. It disapeared when I got a new background after using Disign.)

  8. OH, Is there a way to get a discount??

  9. That's awesome! Though I can't buy anything. Too expensive for us, but if I could I would!

  10. I was paroozing (love that word!) your blog yesterday, and saw the button, so naturally (being me) I was curious, and went there. Its really a cool idea! Everything you have is really pretty... Yesterday you had a charcoal chicken picture, did you take that off, or sell it?


  11. horse lover, I have no idea what the problem is with your blog, as I personally dislike the Template Designer feature.

    No discount, sorry... but there *will* be a gift certificate as a prize in an upcoming contest! :D

    SofieRose, (it's spelled "perusing" by the way, haha) I took of the picture of the chicken, it will be up again sometime soon.

  12. Oh... how exciting, Olive! I'm in the process of starting an Etsy shop too. I'll be sure to add you to my favorites when I get my shop set up. ;-)

    ~ Love,

  13. Ah, yes, "paroozing" didn't look quite right, but I didn't think to change it!

    Yes, the chicken was good :)


  14. Star Girl not signed inJuly 1, 2010 at 5:05 PM


  15. Hey Olive Tree --
    I love the idea of an Etsy shop, and as I'm saving to get a camera, I am thinking of getting one too. I would post about it on my blog though -- and since you gave me the idea, I was going to check with you first. Just in case you would feel offended.
    (I probably sound a bit paranoid there but I don't like people doing exactly what I do unless they ask me!)

  16. Not at all, Emma! Thanks for checking, I appreciate that. No need to, though. :)


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