31 August 2010

Goodbye, Summer.

                       au revoir

Today is the real last day of summer. True, Autumn Equinox is a while away still, but today is the last day of freedom, the last day of real sunshine.

Tomorrow, I start school again. Tomorrow is September. Tomorrow the leaves began to dance and show their redorangeyellowbrown underskirts as they do high kicks. Tomorrow the wind comes whirling down from the North, bringing frosted windows and small tornadoes on the sidewalk.

But today... today is summer.

Today, the sun shines and it's a mite too warm out. Today, the leaves are green and fully alive. Today, I am woken by ten noisy chickens demanding insects while my mother gardens.
Today is August and summer is ripe in the air.

This post is a tribute to summertime. Most photos are from my family's three-day mini-vacation we got back from yesterday afternoon, bobbing around on our sailboat, but a few are from earlier in the summer.

You'll notice that I've added overlays onto some photos... what do you think of them? I love them (I think it gives a nice vintage touch), myself, but I always want feedback. I only had a few patterns I used this round, but I have many more for the future.

Beautiful rocks are pounded by the surf at Damriscove Island.
The birds there just love having their pictures taken... {this is my favorite pic of the batch!}
...but you have to be careful of thistles!
Swarms of butterflies swirl around the island.
I love the detail on this one! (A close second favorite to the bird.)
Smooth rocks create a very Zen beach.
This stream from the summer's earlier mountain hike is also quite calming.
I have no idea what this seagull was doing, but I just had to hop in the dinghy and get some pics!
There's nothing like an island sunset.
A vintage-y favorite from earlier in the year.
Mmm, beets. (Another early-summer photo)
Damriscove grasshoppers are quite adorable. *Rawr.*
Sorta reminds me of this frog back in July. (There is a lovely background made from it, yours free.)
An eerie memory of the island's past.
Finally, I think this photo just about sums up summer.

خداحافظی ، تابستان.
{goodbye, summer.}


  1. Fantastic photos! I love the second shot, the one of the bird, And the last one.

    I like the overlays on most of the photos. I don't really think the one with the grasshopper looks right, though. But I love all the textures you used. Do you remember where you got them?

  2. It's cool how you did it in differant languages =) i see you wrote it in Finnish! I am half Finnish.

  3. In Spain we begin start the school the 7th of September so we still have seven days of vacation but to prepare all the summer homework that there are many.
    To do well the first day!!!

  4. Sereina: I bought them all from Funky Playground Designs — various designers. I think most were from the Siamese Studios Victorian Elegance pack.

  5. These photos are gorgeous! Beautiful macros.

  6. Great photography! I love the funny seagull one and the sunset one :3

  7. For some reason, I don't really like photos that have textures like that. It's just an odd personal whimsy of sorts. Thankfully I still have until next Tuesday before I start school.
    Also, when I went to New York, I saw a lot of seagulls just standing around like that with their beaks constantly open like the one in your photo. Those seagulls were a lot bigger than the ones I'm used to :).


  8. Also (sorry about doing 2 comments in a row) in Polish, good bye is "do widzenia." It's more along the lines of 'until we meet again' or 'until we see each other again,' sort of like the German goodbye too (auf wiedersehen).


  9. I really like how you wrote it in different languages! Love the pics. I like the patterns in most of them but not so much with the rocks and grasshopper. I love the pic of the seagull, lol =)

  10. I had so much fun reading this post and looking at your lovely photography Olive Tree! Surprisingly your post made me think I might just miss Summer a little bit more now....with those words you wreathed and woven together....pure delight! Nice wording girl! My fave photo was the grasshopper...dunno why but he is quite cute and enchanting all at the same time, and I *heart* the vintage-y background on the photos too!

    Many blessings to you,

  11. Amazing photos and amazing overlays! I love them, especially since they give it a vintage look, and I love vintage.:) The bird might be my favorite, or the one of the broken doll...an eerie feeling like you said, but I love it:). Oh, the seagull pic made me laugh!! Love that too!:D

  12. your photgraphy is breath-taking!

  13. I love your photography. Have I mentioned that? I'll miss summer...it always seems like it wasn't quite long enough!

  14. Loove Looove Looove the pix! Ohmygoodness, ur so gifted! The one of the grasshopper i think is my fave. Its sooooo CUTE! :) *Rawr* lol
    take care,
    manda liz


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