01 September 2010

School Again

Today I dragged out my pin-bedecked messenger bag (it made me feel slightly better that yesterday I ordered a plethora of fun new pins from Etsy), shoved my summer homework into binders, did an energy-boosting workout, took a shower, obsessed over every detail of my hair and makeup, threw on my outfit, and rushed out the door. In that order.

Yes, today was my first day of hi!school. (I'm going to go off on a tangent here: I first read "high school" spelled "hi!school" in Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson — which is an amazing book, by the way. Now whenever I type "high school" it looks all wrong and I just HAVE to change it to "hi!school". I have no idea why. Just some mild Olive Tree OCD, I suppose.) I'm the last stop of my bus route so I ended up getting smushed into a seat with a junior/senior boy who seemed to have taken his morning shower in cologne.

It was pandemonium inside the school. Four grades rushed about, trying to get their schedules and lockers sorted out. I slunk into English and let the day begin.

Below is my schedule for today. We go on a four-day rotation: A, B, C, and D days, each with a slightly different schedule. It's a tad confusing, but here is my A day schedule...

It *was* kind of nice seeing old friends — and for some inexplicable reason becoming instant friends with acquaintances in my Study Halls — but I gotta say, the school was roasting! The thermostat only read 88ยบ, but everyone in the school was literally sweating their skins off. It's going to be even worse tomorrow. Um, hello, weather? It's September... please stop the summer weather now. Thanks.

Apparently I look about three years older than I really am, because I had a few people come and ask for directions. They were shocked to learn I was a freshman. Really, people, I'm not even that tall.

Overall, though, it wasn't a bad day. I like most of my classes and still have Theatre Arts to look forward to on B, C, and D days. :)

So! I am completely exhausted and still have to reckon with homework. So ciao for now!


  1. Wow. I feel bad for you. But, I felt the same way. {Although not high school}

  2. Oh, overall it was a pleasant experience. Just sweltering.

  3. Ugh...cologne boy and heat--at least HE wasn't all day. ;-) And I know! I have people say to me, "Oh, you're only 14? I thought you were like, 16." And people guess that's how old I am all the time--ha! Glad you had an okay day at hi!school. ;-)

  4. I always get the opposite question. Although I'm 16, people usually think I'm 13 or 14. There always surprise when I tell them my age... :)

  5. A 'smelly' boy, and no AC? Yikes! I will pray that by some miracle, they get air-conditioning for your high-school.

    Blessings on your school year!

  6. I also get the opposite. I'm 13 but look, maybe 11 or 12. Which totally sucks. Also, what is that about a tomatoe-eating dog? :)


  7. It could have been the makeup that made people think you were so old, sometimes when I wear it people think I'm a short 15 or 16 year old when I'm actually 13.
    The thing is, I live on a hi!school campus (my parents work there) so I know tons of students.
    Once when I was at a track meet a while ago someone asked me if I was a freshman, and I said no, and they were like, "Well, are you a sophmore?" Eventually one of my other friends said, "No, she's a 7th grader."

  8. I saw Taylor Swift's video...and I saw you in it! :)

  9. Hey Olive -- we don't have air conditioning either! Yesterday we actually got out early for the heat. Nice surprise! (And you're lucky you have study halls-I would kill for that!)


  10. Ugh, school...Mine started lest week and I'm starting "hi!school" aswell! *scary stuff:hi!school* is. :P But I hope you have a great school year Olive Tree!

  11. Good luck with school! High school is great. I'm entering my junior year. Although I don't start until Sept 7th. Then again, I'm homeschooled, so I don't go to school online anyway. :P
    I love your blog, and designs! And I think I'll enter your new giveaway. :)



    PS: I'm probably one of your 200 followers. Well, the 202nd I think. Your welcome!! LOL

  12. My school started about 3 weeks ago. I also have my classes seperated on different days, but I only have A and B days. Which I think is nice. :)

    Good luck in school! :)


  13. I'm graduating from hi!school next year. :) And, *brace yourself* I'm 14. I'll be completely finished with school the month I turn 16 :D I've been homeschooled all my life, so I skipped a few things. People are always thinking I'm like 16 or 17 (and sometimes even 18), cause I'm almost
    5'8". I've never been inside a hi!school, so I can't exactly relate. :/ But I can imagine how awful it is. :P No AC?? That's awful. Smelly kids? Even worse. And the A B C D days? I'd be showing up at the wrong classes on the wrong days. :D LOL



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