23 August 2010

Hey, Soul Sister!

My dear friend Sammie and I made this video to the song Hey, Soul Sister by Train on Saturday. {And we took the song to mean friendship, not romance, in this case. It's a bit awkward. But hey, we like the song and we didn't have a guy handy!} I had lots of fun with the stop-motion animation! As for the random cat at the end... it's Willa, and we had no ideas. (Hence the shortened song, too.)
Heehee. We're so weird. Especially when it comes to dancing. *blushes*

Then, on Sunday, my other soul sister Elránia came over. Elránia and I went to a few vintage clothing stores and had wayyyy too much fun with trying on my entire closet when we got back! Hello, high fashion. :P

(With the exception of the first two photos, that we put together ourselves, we designed each others' outfits.)

I had fun with Photoshop...

After this, we were feeling kinda bored, so Elránia requested I come up with an idea for "something creative we can do".
I said, "let's do portraits of each other."
I made Elránia into a faery. I always do that. :)
{Note: There is a good reason I usually don't do hands. Or feet. Or foreshortening. You have been warned.}


  1. That was crazy! I help my friend record herself singing when we meet up usually and it usually ends with both of us singing stupidly {hey, it comes naturally to me!} and dancing weirdly. :)

  2. Love those outfits! My favorite is your first one :)

  3. Hahaha! I love that song, and always feel a little bit awkward singing it, but hey, who cares? I love your video! My favorite part is the one with all the papers--that's sweet. :-) And I LOVE your outfits; my favorite of yours is your second one, with the feathers. Too cute. And I love Elrania's last one. You guys are awesome!

    Love ya, Liv! <3
    PS I got your package! It's lovely! Mind if I write back to you? :)

  4. Those outfits were so much fun...


  5. I love the outfits - especially Elrania's with the umbrella.

  6. Hannah: sure, you can write back if you like. :)

  7. I like the one of you with the feathers and the fur hat! Too funny.

    ~Margaret Rowena

  8. That looked like it was really fun! I thought the part was funny when you collided. Haha!

    The short stop animation was cool!


  9. The feathers one is awesome!!!!


  10. Fun music video! I tried doing one with my friends but one quit on me. *rolls eyes* Oh well. lol

  11. Love the drawings and all the pictures! It was super funny when in the video you bumped into your friend XD

  12. LOL!!! Great video, guys, especially when you collided:). I love that song, thanks to you--I first heard it here on your blog!:D

    I am sooo jealous of your outfits! Especially Elrania's umbrella. I love vintage things.:)

  13. I love that song! Your video is awesome.


  14. Awesome video haha!

    Those outfits were awesome!

  15. Hey Olive Tree. I just wanted your advice on something. Is a Kodak Point and Shoot a good camera? You see I lost my prehistoric camera and I need a new one {Hopefully a good one} and I want your advice.

  16. Alex: I had a Kodak P&S once upon a time, and it was a piece of junk. If you're looking for a good point-and-shoot camera, I recommend the Sony Cybershot, with at least 7.2 megapixels.

    Hope that helps. :)

  17. Ok thanks Olive Tree. My friend has a Kodak P&S and she seems to like it. Well since I'm getting a camera for my b-day it won't hurt. But I'll get a lot of money so I'll get a better camera with my own money.

  18. I loved the one with Elránia and the umbrella. My favorite one with Olive Tree is the one with the guitar.

  19. I loved the video!! That was so cool and creative. Nice job.

    The outfits were fabulous too!

  20. You remind me of when i had time to be with my friends!
    I love the Russian Hat by the way.

    In Christ

  21. haha love the video! and cute outfits :)

  22. Hello darling!

    I LOVE your outfits! Ooo vintage stores? Are they well known stores or home-town-y stores?


  23. You know like you don't want people to know your website because it has your full name? On your Etsy, it has your website, blog, and featured area, and it's www.olivia*******.com so...

  24. Hey Olive Tree! I was just wondering if you could tell me how you made the date above your blog posts (for example: saturday, august 2, 2010) in lower-case letters and what font it is in? Please let me know! Thanks!

  25. You two girls are so creative with your clothes! Love the last 2 outfits :).

    Hahaha, great job on the video!

  26. Love the vintage-punk look on you girly. :P


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