26 August 2010

Time for School & Taylor Swift

I am about to start high school and I'm pretty excited! We had Freshman Orientation today and it was kind of pointless... but still nice to see friends' faces again. I, of course, had to show you all my magnificent school gear...

Notebooks and pens and dividers: check.
Folders in pretty colors: check.
any bag of mine MUST be decorated with pins! :)

And some very exciting news: the Taylor Swift music video "Mine" (that I acted in) is premiering tomorrow (and I can't wait to tell you about what's happening, but I CAN'T yet... UGH!) In this video, she's talking about what it was like to film it... and if you look at 1:07, you'll see me sitting down. :)


  1. Have a great first day of school! I started high school on Monday...kinda crazy to think we only have four more years left of regular school, then it's off to college!

  2. I start school this time next week--yay! :D And I saw you sit down {I think}! Wow... I feel like a stalker.

  3. High School! Oh my!

    LOVE the bag Olive!

    That's so cool that you were in the music video! I'll check it out ASAP!


  4. Awesome! Have fun at Highschool! ;D

    I have the video premier recording tomorrow night at 8/7c!! :D :D :D It's premiering on CMT where I live. My sisters and I can't wait to see it! My 13yo sis is a HUGE fan of Tay and she says she thinks it's so awesome that you are in the music video. She's jealous. lol :D

  5. Nice school supplies. I have barely any this year, since my school is doing this *stupid* binder system like we're kindergartneners... (I'm going into 8th grade). I can't want to see the music video!


  6. Awesome! I *love* that you are in the music video becase I watch her videos like all the time! And now we know where you live... what if a stalker comes and spys on you... yeah scary thought scratch that out. Oh my gosh I'm frome Maine lol that was random.

  7. You're in a Taylor Swift vid? So THATS what the modeling was. XD
    Awesome possum bag.

  8. You seem to know a lot, Alex...JK! :) are you the one who is being filmed at that spicific moment? I thought the vid was coming out TODAY! When is the VIDEO coming out? That's so cool though!


  9. (I saw you in the video!!! I'm so excited for when it comes out!)
    Have a great first day of school!

  10. Wow! You're in high school! That's so cool.
    In the video... are you the girl with the extremely curly hair (which is gorgeous) or the girl on the side (who is also gorgeous)? :)

  11. Yep I'm the one with the brown curly hair, with her back to Taylor's table.

  12. I saw you! Happy back-to-school to you too! I am kinda excited about starting school.... I love your bag by the way! If you can PLEASE post the video it comes out today eh(question mark here)(only can do É at this moment)

  13. hey Olive!! i was just wondering if i could have a link to the music video??? i am super excited about seeing it, but i am very bad at finding things on the internet. =)

    a link would be super cool, but if not, that's fine, i'll find it somewhere. =) thanks!!

    ~ Joy

  14. As I think I said before: the video comes out tonight. You can watch it on MTV and CMTV and I think it's on 8/7c.

  15. I saw you! ;) You were pretty easy to spot, to me at least. :)

    Awel P.

  16. Hi there, I just wanna say that I saw the music video on the MTV channel a couple of minutes ago, and I spotted you there with a group of girls. :) btw, love the video!

  17. YAY!!!! SCHOOL!!!!!!!!


    i have the same planner except it's a different color scheme and i love it.


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