07 August 2010

My Nest

Every room needs a nest.
Yeah, okay, that sounds weird, like something from The New Daughter. What I mean is, every room (at least, any room that wants to pass the Olive Tree Test) needs a place to curl up and read/surf the net/draw/nap/do homework. Maybe it's a bed. Maybe a closet.
For me, it's a chair.

This is the Chair, with a capital C.

The Chair dates from about 1950 and was "rescued" from a garage sale. It is old, faded, and worn. It smells slightly of an old house.
To me, it's the most beautiful chair in the world. It is ten times more comfortable than ANY armchair. EVER. It has a lovely shape, like it's giving you a hug.

The above picture doesn't show it, but at the foot of the Chair rests a super-soft sheepskin, รก la Ikea. You can see my lizard's cage on my desk in the far left of the photo. Next to the Chair, on the right, is an antique, hexagonal Turkish table, laden with Seventeen magazine and an artist's dummy holding my jewelry. And, of course, there's me, with bedhead hair and no makeup, long and soft sweatpants, and my favorite book EVER, Wintergirls. (Laurie Halse Anderson also wrote Speak and Prom and she is one of the best writers I have had the pleasure to read.) Self-timer helped me capture the epic laziness. (I didn't fix up my face at all in Photoshop, so I hope it doesn't crack your screen, LOL.)

So basically, this is where I crash. I have yet to do homework in the Chair (though my summer homework wriggles on my desk, begging to be done before school starts on September 1st), but I get the sense that it will be more bearable from the Chair's huggable depths.

My challenge to YOU: snap a pic and do a post on your own little nest. Comment and leave me the link... my top two favorites will be featured on this post! You have 48 hours... GO!


  1. Ooh! Your nest looks so cozy! I don't have a post for you yet, but I just wanted to say that I have read "Speak" and I thought it was really good, though I probably wouldn't read it again - Wintergirls looks good, too! It's about anorexia, right? I've always had a soft spot for people with that difficulty. :(

    - Ellyn


  2. Mmmm, I totally agree. I want to re-do my room, or at least move it around, and get the second bed out of it, but I really want a chair like that!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. For my "nest" I usually take blankets and pillows and every stuffed animal on my bed, and create a wall around me. Then I sit in my nest/cave thing, and read a book, work on a story, just think, or draw. It is really nice, ya know? Hmmm... *begins thinking of ways to re-organize her room and how to get a chair in it...*


  3. Very cool! I've always wanted a chair like that. :)

  4. Hello, Olive Tree! Your 'nest' looks cozy! It's an odd couincidence because I took a picture of me reading my new book on my bed (which is my 'nest) before I even read this! I posted it on my blog in a separate post though when I saw this. Okay, here's the link to my entry: http://iseagullbeach.blogspot.com/2010/08/in-my-corner.html

    Thanks Olive!


  5. What a cozy looking chair! I love it!

  6. I love that chair, Olive Tree! It just looks so comfy and fun...I love "nests" too:)

    Love and Blessings,

  7. I completely agree! I have a chair in my room that I love as well. Its not as great as yours, but it has an ottoman in front of it, and I love just sitting in it and chilling out.

  8. Looks tres cozy :)
    My room also has a 'nest.' There's this huge teddy bear I won for reciting poetry when I was in kindergarten in a corner of my room with a blanket.


  9. Sounds, and looks, like a very homey nest! I don't think I have just one. My nest is a couple of different places in my room. So I guess you could say my whole room is my nest! :)

  10. Your nest looks super cozy Olive Tree! I will try to get a link for my entry! I will see how busy I am tomorrow.


  11. I would totally spend all my time in that chair if it were mine :)

    I currently don't have a space to curl up and read, write, draw, etc. But I really wish I did. Always has been my dream to have one... You're so lucky!

    p.s. your face is totally beautiful!! :)

  12. Cool chair! I actually like using the word "nest". Sounds quaint, so I like it. :D


  13. I have a chair JUST like that in my room except its turquoise with gold trimming!

  14. Too cute! Love it! That chair looks SUPER comfy. I'm kinda an oddball, because I'm torn between shabby/cottage chic and really mod minimalistic look. ;-)

    Love ya! <3

  15. that's such a beutiful 'nest' of yours! I loove vintage stuff and this chair is the ultimate vintage! lovely!!

  16. Hey ::) I know this is past 48 hours, but here's a post on my nest.



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