21 September 2010


Autumn is in the air.

Acorns from our ancient oak tree rain down and hurl themselves at the ground in an acorn-esque mass suicide. I need two blankets at night, plus a cat to keep my feet warm. I'm typing this outside in a long-sleeved shirt and jeans and I'm literally shivering. Here and there, spatters of redgold leaves are making their appearance, like random spots of paint on a green canvas. Canadian Geese are honking over our heads as they head far, far away. My messenger bag is chock-full of pins and papers and textbooks. And my laptop, too. Squirrels are hiding away their nuts for winter, digdigdigging in first one spot, then another, as they try to confuse any rival rodents who may be watching.

Just now, an acorn fell on my keyboard and typed "o".

But do you know why I love the chill in the air and the suicidal acorns whose last words all being with "o"?

Because I LOVE autumn. So crisp and clean and oldbutnew. A time of friends brought together after a long summer, a time of birthdays and parties, a time of dress-up and candy and being seven once again in the dark dark night. A time of thanks and redgold leaves, that leads into a time of snowsnowsnow and giving and new starts.

Autumn is my absolutefavoritetimeoftheyear.

Autumn makes me feel strong even as I shiver.

Autumn makes me want to write and read and sing and dance and jump into leafpiles.

Autumn is a Spanish dancer whose musky perfume draws me into the woods with my camera.

Autumn is beautiful.


  1. Cool post, I love your pumpkin picture.

  2. Autumn is my favorite season too! I wish it was that cold where I live.

  3. Great post, and awesome pumkin picture!

  4. one thing i love about autumn: all the colors! they flow in such unison. :)

  5. Gorgeous photo! I love the angles and the composition!

  6. Beautifully written. I love autumn as well. I really don't like using the word fall, though. It just seems too plain for such a beautiful season. Fall connotes something negative to me, like falling and scraping your knee or falling spirits and sadness.

  7. Beautiful picture of the pumpkin--don't you just love it's vibrant color?


  8. Beautiful photos! You're so talented. :)

  9. Great post!! The picture of the wooden stairs is beautiful, love the color and simplicity.


  10. Beautiful metaphors and lovely photographs. I adore Autumn, and have always been confused by people who say Fall. I don't know anyone in England who says that, but my American friend sometimes does... It sounds harsh, whereas Autumn sounds more like a poem. Something to do with the silent 'n'?

  11. Great autumn post! I love autumn too, it is my fav season! Great photos! :)

  12. Autumn is my absolute favorite season too! I love how the air finally gets comfortable and cool. And it leads to winter, and Christmas (my favorite time of the year ever) and a new fresh year.

    And, I admit, my favorite thing is walking outside on a chilly autumn night, and just inhaling the crisp air. There's that sent of smoke - from people's fireplaces. And that lasts all fall and winter. That's one of my favorite smells ever. :)

    But...unfortunately, where I live, it was 94 degrees today. We had some nice 60-70 degree weather LAST WEEK. But now, in official fall...well...ugh. Why must we have an "Indian summer" now? I want fall!

    Haha. This was a great post! I loved the writing. :)

    ~Liz B

  13. Wow! Love the pics! Autumn is DEFINATELY my favorite season as well. Everything you said... so true! Most people like summer because it's warm, or spring because it's green, or winter because of the snow, but... I think the Fall is where it's at :)


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