20 September 2010

In Which I Go Gaga over Gaga

Picture this, dear readers, if you may:

Olive Tree is lying on her floor taking portrait shots of her fish. (Hey, I was bored, all right? And he's a very patient model.) The doorbell rings and there stands my friend Milo's Lane, still in her soccer uniform.

ML: "Wanna go see Lady Gaga?"
OT: "Can I bring my camera?" (My default response to any invitation.)
ML: "Yep."
OT: "Mommmm?"
OT's mom (on phone): "Sure honey." (goes back to phone)
ML: "Hurry, she's starting soon!"
(Both rush out)

Lady Gaga was speaking in protest about the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy. Aha! This I had heard of — posters were splattered throughout my school asking for participants in the rally. Apparently Gaga saw the posters too, because there she was in funky glasses, comparing equality to prime rib. (See here.)

Now, I may be Christian, but I am also a gay rights supporter. (No, I am not gay/bi. I'm just a firm believer in equality. I realize that y'all may have different opinions, and I respect that... please also respect mine. Thanks.) I was screaming along with everyone else.

ML let me sit on her shoulders. Good strong girl, she is — pure muscle from soccer. Of course, I don't weigh much, but still. I couldn't lift someone onto my shoulders, that's for sure! Give this girl a round of applause!

Lady Gaga made some very good points (I'm sure YouTube will turn up some goodies, just give it an hour or two for people to get home and upload videos from their phones), and surprisingly was in a relatively normal outfit. Hey, I would wear that!

And now, I present to you: Olive Tree Tries Her Hand At Being the Paparazzi!

(Well I think I make very good paparazzi. Especially when ML is so readily available to climb on.

Well! How exciting, and unexpected! A lovely end to a rather ho-hum day.

Have a nice night, lovely readers!


  1. Lol awesome! I know what I'm getting for Christmas already... let's just say I am an eaves-dropper... A NIKON D40 OR A NIKON D3000!!!! I can't WAIT until then!!!! :D

  2. How cool! Wow, her outfit is actually normal! ;)

  3. Woah! Lady Gaga without a weird outfit say what?

  4. That's pretty cool! Though I don't like Lady Gaga at all really... but that's still cool!

    Meat dress I hate one day, normal clothes the other? It's getting odder and odder every day with her... lol!

  5. Oh. My. God. Lady Gaga is my favorite artist EVER. I'm thinking of being her for halloween. :)
    I've wanted to see her in concert sooooo badly, but the next time she comes to my state is in Februrary 2011.
    :( And she was speaking out for "the cause"? Is there anything she can't do? :D

    So jealous, girl! ;)


  6. Haha, this is so awesome. You take the cutest pictures. <3

  7. I really wish I could've gone, Lady Gaga isn't my favorite ever, but she's pretty good, and it's especially cool that she's supporting the gay rights thing. anyway, I had marching band so there ya go...

    -Cornet Crazie

  8. I'm not a particular fan of Lady Gaga, but it is cool that's she protesting the Don't Ask Don't Tell policy.

  9. Wow! How cool! That is an amazing opportunity, great pictures!! Now following you!

  10. Brilliant! I live in a very sleepy village, and it takes forever to get into the town, but seeing something like that would be amazing. I was listening to something about that on the radio this morning... In fact, I woke up to it. Go Gaga! She's not my favourite but I love that she stands up so much for all that she believes in,

  11. Haha, sam went to that! You didn't leave schoole arly? :O He did... Man I wish I coulda gone...

  12. I was there as well with my Best Friends! We got to meet her!

  13. omgomgomgomgomgomg i wast here too! i also saw her in concert once. i live in cape elizabeth maine.


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