29 September 2010

Featured Blogger: Nela

Nela was one of the lucky winners of my 200 Followers Giveaway. Her prize was to be featured on HorseFeathers, so here she goes!

(I am still waiting to hear back from my two other review winners. Please email me, winners, so we can get you all set too!)

OT's Review: Nela's blog "Beloved Star" is very informative and interesting, featuring recipes and ventures into horse breeds, among other topics. This lovely lady deserves your eyes, so go on over and follow her!

Interview with Nela:

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Well, sometimes, if I have nothing to read, I would just lay on my bed and think about my life's history and future with Jesus Christ. :)
How would you describe yourself (both physically and personality-wise)?
I'm 5 ft. 5 inch. tall, have a slim figure, brunette hair and eyes, tan skin, and a perfectly-shaped oval face.
My personality would be thoughtful, quiet, focused, friendly, hardworking, interest in what other people have to say, improving, imaginative, faithful, modest, direct, and honest. 

Why do you blog?
I blog because it's a way to glorify my Lord and express my thoughts.  I gave EVERYTHING to Jesus Christ. I told him to take the wheel of my life from me and let Him direct me in the way I should go. What comes out of my blog is intended as a means to glorify Him.
How has blogging helped you grow as a person?
By posting the things that I find interesting to discuss.
Is there anything you want your readers to take away after reading your blog? What message do you want to communicate?
Their thoughts on what I post about and to  think about them deeply and thoroughly.  The message is to Glorify God in everything we do, whether we eat, think, play, sleep, or  whatever, do it all for the glory of God so that He'll be remembered and not me.


  1. Amen to all that!
    Thanks for the interview Olive Tree.
    I'm gonna check out her blog now.
    Awesome idea.

    God bless and love.

  2. Hi there! :)

    I just want to say thank-you very much for posting this.
    You did a great job with the contest! ;)
    Take Care!

  3. This was such a great interview, Olive Tree! Nela, your answers were amazing and so powerful!

    Elizabeth Rose

  4. "all for the glory of God so that He'll be remembered and not me."

    thats beautiful.

  5. Congrats Nela!
    (Also, when are you going to do just random people again? That is if you ever did that...)

  6. Great interview. I'll go check out your blog, Nela!

  7. great interview! i really like those answers!

    go ahead and check out my blog Olive Tree, if you don't remember me :)


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