30 September 2010

How to Entertain Oneself After a Science Test

Hello, my dear friends!

I just completed a science test and am waiting for the period to be over, so I decided to try out the email-publishing feature that Blogger so graciously provides. I find it quite easy, actually. Very helpful.

So here's the scoop. I wanted to share my excitement with y'all, because I am now on Flickr! I love it.
I wish it were a Google product so I could use my same ID, but I'm okay with having a separate account because it is just so awesome and easy to use. The thing is, it is so much more professional than Photobucket! I joined because I belong to the "Photographers of Etsy" group and Flickr is a great way to get traffic to my shop.

I've started a Project-365 type thing in which I photograph a tiny toy horse every day. Here's the first one... more to come!

Gotta go! Love from Olive!


  1. Awesome photos, Olive Tree! I really love the eyes one. (on our flikr account.)

    Keep up the photography--I find posts with lots of pictures the most fun to read. :)


  2. Ooooh. Science. I'm doing biology this year, and it's incredible how much they expect me to remember!

    Great picture!

  3. I've notice that you've started to use your real name... Olivia Collins. Or is that just like a pen name... only for photography?


    btw, I was just wondering if you live in Maine, because you said you went to the Lady GaGa thingy and that was in Maine... I've never been there but it looks cool!

  4. That's such a neat idea! I think I may try taking a picture of the same thing every day :)

  5. Awesome horse, Olive! Science...not exactly one of my favorite subjects...

    Swirly x

  6. Awww..the picture's so sweet!!

  7. Hey Olive Tree!
    I was snanning my blog today when I noticed that when you designed my blog... you didn't change the "newer post" "older post" "read more" and "home" things that were already there. If that wasn't part of what you were doing thats okay, its just that now they don't match. How much would you charge to re-do those??? Please e-mail me if you get the chance!

    Thanks so much! I get SO many compliments about my design, its just so beautiful.


  8. That's so cool! So, you like take a picture of a plastic horse every day for a year? Cool.

  9. Hey! You started putting your name on your photos. Cool. :)
    An I saw you at the fairrr. :D

  10. Wow. That's awesome! I don't us photograph sites very often unless it's to do the occasional edit, but Flikr is cool to look around. :)

  11. Wow you're lucky. Blogger is blocked in our school, along with every other remotely fun website. I've tried hacking on a million times, but nothing's worked. :)

    Cute photo!


  12. Awesome. I like posts with pictures the best, because the pictures describe your point better (sometimes).

  13. How cool! My mom does Project 365! :)

    Your Flickr is amazing, love your photos. I really want to start a Flickr... but then I'd have to make a Yahoo account. Should I?

  14. My Sci. teachers would kill me if I did anything other than check my test over and over and over in a Science test! Lucky you :)
    And I'm a Flickr-er. If that's the official term. It's great, and makes me feel like a much better photographer. I have a Yahoo! email anyway so it was easy to set up.


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