03 September 2010

Friday Love

Friday at last! The expression "TGI Friday" has never been more appropriate for me. It's been a long, sweaty, sweltering three days. And today, I had two tests. How did they even find material to test us on?!

It was a little cooler than yesterday, but my mascara was literally melting off my face and getting under my eyes. It was really weird and *terribly* unhelpful.

Here is how I looked after climbing off the bus today:

So... Thank Goodness It's Friday, indeed!

A few clear-ups about the giveaway:
• Please do ONE COMMENT for EACH ENTRY. I thought this was quite clear, but obviously it wasn't.
• The preliminary drawing will choose the Grand Prize and Second Place winner. The second drawing will exclude those two, and will choose the three interviewees.
• Please, do not comment with miscellaneous questions/comments on the giveaway post. If you have any questions, ask them on this post.


  1. You know...I'm starting to wonder if you EVER look ugly.

    Cause you lool lovely in that picture, as usual!

    I hate Fridays...

  2. LOL I <3 Fridays ;)

  3. There has never been a truer post in the world of blogging!

  4. haha! I get it. Hope your day wasn't that bad.

    With blessings

  5. Gwenea: there's a reason I haven't posted any photos of me right before bed! Makeup smudged all over my face, cheeks full of mouthwash, hair in interesting concoctions that make it nice the next day, dressed in an oversize T-shirt... I'm decidedly *not* pretty at those times! :P

  6. hey Olive Tree,

    i REALLY love that picture of you!!! i love how teenager-esk it is!! and you are VERY pretty in that picture. =)

    that is SUCH a "teenage" picture and i LOVE the way it looks!!!! it kind of describes how bold and outgoing you are. =)

    keep up the good blogging-ness! lovin it!!

    ~ Joy

  7. Hi. I have a quick question. Will the winners of the giveaway be drawn on September 16th or September 17th?


    Don't worry - you will get used to high school soon enough. Just don't procrastinate. That's THE BEST advice ever for high schoolers.

  8. They will be drawn on the 16th. :)

  9. YOur blog is really neat!! Great header!

  10. Lol I think you look great! :) Love the earrings.

    "hair in interesting concoctions"? Ohh do tell! Like what?? Also, what's your hair routine? I have curly hair similar to yours and am rather notorious for doing "crazy" treatments to keep it happy and healthy. :D

  11. Haha, I'd be impressed if anyone was, Olive Tree!

  12. Wow, that picture almost made me scream {No offense, just not expecting it}

  13. Olive Tree. You are stunning. I wish I were half as pretty as you :)

    Loved this post!

  14. Awwwhhh you're adorable! Pretty sure you are NEVER nasty looking. Lucky you.

    Hey! ADORE your curly hair! I'm a curls girl too. What do you use on your hair?

    Love ya!

  15. You still look pretty even if you're sweaty.. I bet you never look awkward! :P

    I love Fridays too :)

  16. Oh, and I forgot to mention that my blog is www.foilsandfeuilleton.blogspot.com


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