04 September 2010

Pancakes and Poultry

Today I decided to prove my worth and make pancakes. Now, pancakes are a rare delicacy in my household — no one ever makes them. So I decided to make a bunch and freeze them for breakfasts to come.

However, dear readers, I was also a teensy bit afraid. You see, I am only an amateur nom artist (aka, chef) and the one other time I attempted pancakes, they were burned on both sides and soup in the middle. Yum.

This time, I asked my mother (our Head Nom Artist) to give me a nice recipe for pancakes, so she gave me one for whole-wheat buttermilk pancakes. Me being me, I added banana and chocolate chips into the mixture too.

A more complicated pancake recipe the world has never known!  And yet, surprisingly, the pancakes turned out great. But it was torture waiting for each batch to finish cooking. And you know how I get when I'm bored...

I also did a rough sketch based on an old photograph of Beyoncé... I'm not at all happy with how the hand turned out, but the face actually looks semi-female for once.

The light was lovely in this photo, even if the background is only ho-hum. Willa is my mascot for all things crafty/culinary.

A very enthusiastic mascot, I might add. *rolls eyes*

Finally, the pancakes were finished. Joy to the world! I had reached my goal: one picture-perfect pancake stack.

And to smoothly transition from the world of Nom into the world of Chickens, I give you the following photograph:
Om nom nom. Ba-gawk.
Yep. I have turned my lens on some unwilling models: our laying flock. Ten hens, assorted breeds, with names. Olympia, Phoebe, Lillith, Fatima, Ophelia, Hildegard and Helga the Viking Twins, Roxanne, Susan, and Astrid. And no, they are not for eating.
Susan is a funny girl. :)
Roxanne's pretty feathers.
Helga says, "what'choo lookin' at, punk?"
For those of you familiar with the deadly penguin...
Yes, Hildegard, you are very pretty. Rawr.
Willa: do I eat it... or run away from it?
Good thing there was a screen between these two or they probably would have been chasing each other!

Finally, some miscellany:
Our pumpkins were about two months early this year, thanks to an early and hot summer.
My parents celebrated their 15th anniversary yesterday with champagne and roses. Awww!


  1. Wow, gorgeous!
    1. I looove the "poke me" picture. I almost backed away when I saw it - intimidating. ;)
    2. I like your Beyonce picture. The eyes are definitely "Beyonce-ish". And I the hand is great. Hands are like the hardest body part to draw...
    3. Your pancake stack makes my mouth water.

  2. those pancakes look SO good. like amazingly, deliciously good.

    i love all the pictures. :)

  3. Lovely photos! We love pancakes over here--glad that they turned out okay! Hee hee...CRAZY Liv! Love the pumpkin photo, and your chickens are just darling!

    Love ya! <3

  4. Awesome, like always. I don't even attempt cooking because last time I tried to cook, the house was almost set on fire. My friend can cook really well, but he very rarely cooks.

  5. Mmm...yummy pancakes. My dad likes to make pancakes whenever possible (I think he is doing that now, actually), but they never have yummy things like chocolate chips in them.

    Cute kitty & chickens! I love the picture of them staring at each other. Heh. :)

    Congrats to your parents! Beautiful roses.


  6. Hello Olive Tree!

    I had a question involving your beautiful watermark: how do you get it to be somewhat translucent? Is that a technique that can be used with Gimp? You can email me (literarylaneblog@gmail.com) or leave a comment on my blog if you have any suggestions. Thank you!

    Elizabeth Rose

  7. Yum, pancakes! They are a rariety in our house, and more or less the only food my brother doesn't eat. But I love them, and they look delicious!
    The chickens are cute too :) And Willa. Your creatures {chickens are scary, scary, scary animals. not pets} are all very photogenic!

  8. Cool :) When I make pancakes I always add sprinckles, It makes them chrunchy and sweet!

  9. Pancakes, cats, and chickens! Three of my gave things ;) Love it!

    •SG• x

  10. Great pictures!!!! Mmm pancakes. Now I want them. :-)

  11. I love the captions on those photos. :D

    Pancakes! Yum. They look really good.

  12. Wow! Those were really amazing pictures! Some of those chickens looked just down-right mean! lol

    As for pancakes, we eat them a lot. Although, when my mom cooks they usually end up sticking to the pan. I don't know about her, but whenever I make pancakes, they turn out fine. However, I don't think I've ever made them from scratch. We usually use Bisquick.

    Do you think you could post the recipe you used for the pancakes? Or is it a family secret.? ;)

    Err...lovely picture of your cat too. I love cats. :)


  13. lol Scary chicken!! XD

    Man, I always love looking at your photography!! Your so freaking amazing at it!! I wish I had your skills!
    Oh, and I like your drawn pic too!! I don't know why you don't like the hand! (it looks fine to me! :) Your definitely improving!
    keep up the good work! :D

  14. Gorgeous pictures and those pancakes look delicious!!!

  15. Happy Aniversary to your parents!
    Love the pictures!

  16. IO think the Willa+Chicken pic and the Willa grooming herself pic would be great to put in your Etsy shop!

  17. *Gasp!* These are gorgeous! You're such a nice artest/photographer :)

    Willa is beautiful!

    The chicken pictures are so funny!


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