19 September 2010

Fun in Photos

I got together with my dear friend Elránia (who is taking a little break from Blogger at the moment) for a sleepover last night. Of course, I brought my camera... and of course, epic photographic journeys ensued.

We first stopped by the bakery near her house. It is a lovely little place with the BEST food.
Lovely, crusty bread loaves. I ended up getting a key lime pie slice... delicious as always!
Backwards from the inside.

Then we wandered down to the beach...
My castle... waiting for an oceanic prince...
Why yes, I am a hopeless romantic, what tipped you off? :P

Next we came to a wonderful old fort overlooking the ocean.

Of course I had to have the *brilliant* idea of climbing the thing...

...which turned out to be totally scary!

When I came down (shakily), Elránia went up...
I honestly have no idea what is happening in this photo...

Then I came up with the camera and the REAL fun began.
what a view!
Hello, Elránia, don't you look teeny down there... *gulp*

Elránia says we look like we're flying in these.
It's a long way down...

When we returned to the ground, we headed out to the little lighthouse on the point...

...until Elránia, ever sensible, remembered we had left our flip-flops on the beach and the tide was coming up! We rushed to get the shoes, and arrived just as the tide began to slap at them.
These steps were on our way.

We had dinner on her family's boat. I loved using my new macro filter...
Top: me. Bottom: Elránia.
Of course, us and a camera has its dangers...

Her mom took these next two in rapid succession...
Don't worry, we were just posing. I think.

Anyway. We returned home and watched a movie called "Overboard" (sooo funny!). In the morning before church we continued our work as Greek Goddesses (see here for original photos).

The church service was lovely (Elránia goes to a very cool church!). All in all, it was a very successful adventure.
lovin' the photobooth style of this one!


  1. I love the font in the "buddies" photos, what is the name of it?

  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! The ocean is so beautiful. And I seriously love the photo of the stairs and yellow wall. Very cool.

  3. Aww, what sweet pictures! You two are so cute! I loved the one of Elrania sitting on the top of the fort, with the ocean depths plunging beneath her, a dreamy look in her eye, and her long hair whipping in the wind. Ah yes, poetical me. :) I also LOVE you two "flying." And of course, it wouldn't be a true Elrania and Olive Tree photo shoot without dressing up like Greek goddesses. :)

    Such a gorgeous view, in all of the pictures. Just picture-taking perfection, waiting to be captured with a "click."

    Love you!

    Elizabeth Rose

  4. Wow! This was such an interesting post to read.
    Your pictures really are amazing!

    It sounds like you two had fun. I love just hanging out randomly with friends. :)

  5. Not to mention seeing Cornet Crazie in a very unflattering choir robe and making her crack up during the service. :D

  6. wow, looks like you had LOTS of fun!!!! =)

  7. Looks like tons of fun! I love all the pictures!

  8. Awesome pictures, again. LOL don't fall Olive Tree! xD

  9. Ooh, looks so fun, Olive Tree! The ocean is beautiful, and I love those steps--very rustic. :)

    Your photos are very pretty. And yes, I *heart* the last three, and they do look like you were at a photobooth. :)


  10. Oh wow. You two are so gorgeous!!! Thank you for this post. It was absolutely lovely.

  11. Hi Oliv tree! I loved this post but the main reason Im commenting is that I tagged you in a four things tag! It on my one hundreth post on meandering iris, my blog address is meanderingiris.blogspot.com it will be my newest post depending on when you look at it, it should be on the front page for a while:)
    ~Iris I <3 your blog just so you know!

  12. Great pictures Olivia! I was wondering what font you used for the "buddies!" picture, it's sooo adorable! Also I love your greek godess pictures, y'all are so creative.

    In Christ,

  13. You should show Artemis and Aphrodite arguing! Dangerous combination...

  14. Oh my word, I LOVE these pictures!! You have serious talent! What camera do you use?

    Oh, and I really like your Greek Goddesses costumes! Your faces are priceless, you guys should be actresses! :D

  15. sounds like you had lots o fun :)


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