13 September 2010

Runway and the Art of Being Musically Challenged

Three very important things happened recently.

Number one, Olive Tree just went runway. Yep. I got my very first straight-off-the-runway piece of clothing yesterday: a 100% wool, 100% adorable BCBG Max Azria vest. It has puffed sleeves, two pockets, and a beautifully tailored shape.

And the best part? In the store, it cost $200. At Goodwill (completely new, the tag not even off) it cost $30. You better believe I bought it! {I digress here: our local Goodwill features brand-new, big-name brand clothing... minimal Walmart/hobo clothes, since we live in an incredibly wealthy area. For $5 I can get a $45 new sweater from Abercrombie. Um, score!}

For a fashion-crazy person like me, this is akin to Cinderella's fairy godmother telling her she can go to the ball.

There's low light today so I could only get some ho-hum pictures... But this is the outfit I wore to school today.
jeans: Delia's. tank top: Abercrombie & Fitch. vest: BCBG Max Azria.

And here's the shop image (but in black, mine's a nice olive green).

So that was the first thing of note. The second, well...

Number Two, Olive Tree auditioned for a singing role... and failed. Our high school drama club (of which I am a proud member) is doing "Fiddler on the Roof" for our fall musical and I want to be Hodel. For those of you unfamiliar with this amazing play (and adorable 70's movie too), Hodel has to sing a solo song called "Far From the Home I Love". A very tricky song for my vocal range.

Our auditions are in two parts. Today was the musical auditions: singing. I am officially musically challenged... I'm betting on being cast as Villager #32 rather than Hodel. Other people say I did fine. I think I did awful!

Tomorrow is callbacks (to sing a different part if the director wants to see if you'd be better suited to another role, rather than the one you auditioned for) and the acting auditions. Wish me luck, dear friends!

I have a clever plan, mind you... if I *do* end up getting cast as Villager #32, I am allowed to do all backstage work, which means I could be doing Costume, Hair, and Makeup prep! This is terribly exciting for me, as I love all those three things, yet my friends don't trust me enough (and are often too busy) for me to give them makeovers (or, in some cases, makeunders) every day, if at all.

So pretty much, I can't lose. Even if I am musically challenged!

The cast list will be posted on Wednesday, and I will be sure to share it with y'all.

Number Three, Olive Tree is getting a cell phone. After much campaigning, I have finally convinced my parents to allow me a cell. (I think they finally got convinced after my mom searched for me for two hours before finally figuring out that I was at drama on Friday!) So yay that!

I'm sorry this has been such a rambling post — homework has been weighing me down lately!

A few more things...

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  1. Awesome! I got my phone about a year ago, and trust me - you will LOVE your phone. What kind of phone are you getting? Oh and I think homework is getting everybody down. It seems like every teacher in the continental US got together and had a meeting to give 10 times more homework. Yeah it's just a thought, I mean what else would the teachers be doing over the summer?

  2. Ooo! very exciting! I played hodel last semester and it is my favorite part. good luck! :)

  3. That outfit is SO cute! That is a great find!

  4. That outfit is SO cute! That is a great find!

  5. This is not meant to offend you in any way, but I think you need a new profile picture. I mean, your hair seems like it got curlier.

  6. Oh I love fiddler on the roof! It is one of my favorite movies. And that vest--awesome! I just got an Aerie shirt a few weeks ago, at Plato's Coset. Great store.


  7. Alex: You're totally right... I actually was thinking the same thing myself! New pic soon, I promise.

  8. AWESOME Jacket!
    Aw, that's too bad, but I'm sure you didn't fail THAT badly.

    COSTUME AND MAKEUP?? OMG that's my dream job...when doing plays and stuff anyway, haha.

    A cell phone? That's great! I'm probably not going to be able to get one until I'm....not living at home, lol

  9. I LOVE THAT VEST!! So cute! You're so lucky. :)

    Love Fiddler on the Roof! Love it, love it, love it! I was going to say that I hoped you'd get the role of Hodel (who's my favorite character as well!) in the play, but you said that you would be happy with Hodel OR Villager #32, for different reasons. So, I guess all I can say is "I hope the play goes well!" :)

    Love you!

    Elizabeth Rose

  10. Congrats on finding a vest like that for the price! Awesome.

    Having a cell phone is great--they're
    very handy. :D

  11. Hmm…if I were you I wouldnt know which part I would want more! I love love LOVE that vest!! Totally something I would wear :)

    Good luck getting the part!


  12. Wow! The best things I'VE ever found in a Goodwill are some dELiA*s jeans- not saying I don't love them, but there's not really any big-name stuff there!
    I know what you mean about the singing- I'm a pretty good singer, but I have no vocal training, so it's hard for me to breathe properly and hit all of the right notes while singing.
    I'm glad to see that there people older than me who haven't gotten a cell phone recently! Um, I didn't mean it like that, I mean I feel like I'm the last person in my grade with no cell phone. Maybe I should join drama club at my school, since it has unpredictable hours! Also because I love acting ;)

  13. Costume and Makeup are the bomb!

    I love fiddling around with makeup!

    Have fun!

  14. O.M.G. Olive Tree my school I'd doing that play too! I tried out for it.. but I was so nervous I probably messed up a lot!!! :) Good luck to you, what ever part you get will be totally awesome! That's so funny how we have the same play!! And sweeet! What kind of cell phone did/are you getting? Wow. I know people who got their first cell phone in 2nd grade! I got mine during the summer before 5th grade (also was my birthday), but whoa you just got one! Oh well, at least you have one now! :D (Sorey if that sounded rude I did t know how to word any way else that would make it nicer). I have been frying a lot of homework too, I had three projects to do this past weekend, and I've been getting double the math homework for three days now, ugh I wonder what the middle of the year will bring me. Hope all goes well for you in high school!! And have a great week :)

  15. My school performed Fiddler on the Roof last year! It is absolutely beautiful, I hope you get the part!

  16. Outfit: SO cute. :) Your lucky to have that cool of a goodwill.


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